Nicki Minaj Pays Homage To Adele In New Segment Of Carpool Karaoke

She is honoured to have Adele cover her!

Niki Minaj had a jolly time in James Corden’s popular segment Carpool Karaoke, which has been revived after a two-year hiatus by covering a song by Adele. The 39-year-old rapper was featured on a recent episode of the same segment , marking her first appearance since 2020.

Nicki Minaj gushes over Adele in front of James Corden

The rapper rebooted the beloved segment by belting out a performance that spanned a whopping 17 minutes. Nicki Minaj also paid a tribute to Adele on this segment on Wednesday night. The star had just started singing “Anaconda” before she quickly shifted her attention to Corden in a British accent.


When the host reminded her that she sounded like Adele with a British accent and asked her to do an impression of the 33-year-old singer, “I go viral for almost everything,” said Minaj in an exaggerated British accent. She was referencing the viral meme of Adele ignoring the paparazzi whilst seated on the front row at a Lakers game.  “People pay for these viral moments,” she added.

Adele covered Minaj’s song on the Carpool Karaoke

A couple of years ago, Adele took her opportunity to be on the Carpool Karaoke show, to perform her own rendition of Nicki’s hit song “Monster”. “I just loved it. She made me so, so happy. She embodies Nicki Minaj,” Minaj said to Corden when asked about what she felt regarding Adele covering her.


She then quickly belted out her own version of the hit song. The show used this as an opportunity to display a split screen of Nicki Minaj and Adele rapping to “Monster” in unison. “She just naturally has that thing, you know what I mean? But it’s different because she’s singing these sad songs, so you don’t expect it from her,” the Do We Have A Problem singer told Corden.

What other songs did she sing?

The duo went on to sing a verse from Someone Like You but Corden sounded awful as compared to Minaj. The rapper also performed a few of her A-list songs like  “Starships,” “Super Bass,” and “Do We Have A Problem?”. She also freestyled while Corden struggled to beatbox. You did good though,” she told Corden. “On the white scale, it wasn’t that white,” she added.

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