Olivia Wilde Was Served Custody Papers By Jason Sudeikis’ Lawyers At CinemaCon

It was deemed highly inappropriate by everyone present there.

Olivia Wilde had to face a hard time regarding her divorce from Jason Sudeikis at CinemaCon. The 38-year-old actress and filmmaker was served custody papers while she was presenting her bit at the festival.


“Olivia was confused when she was handed the envelope, and she was even more confused when she opened it,” a source told Page Six. “It seemed unthinkable to her, and it took a moment to set in, but as mortifying as it was, she did not want to give a reaction,” they added.

What happened to Olivia Wilde at CinemaCon?

The “Booksmart” director was there to present the trailer for her upcoming new film Don’t Worry Darling, starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. “She was there to introduce a project that is near and dear to her heart, and for someone to try to take that moment from her — whether it be Jason, a process server or anyone else — was beyond inappropriate,” said the source.


According to reports, Olivia Wilde was in the middle of her presentation at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Tuesday night when a woman walked on stage and served her envelope labeled  “Personal and Confidential,” which was later found out to be from Jason Sudeikis’s lawyers.

“This is for me?” asked the actress confused before proceeding to take a peek at the documents which had information regarding her children’s custody. She went back to her presentation reportedly appearing nonchalant.

Olivia Wilde’s humiliation was something Jason Sudeikis does not condone

However, Sudeikis, the 46-year-old “Ted Lasso” star denied having anything to do with the situation. A source told Page Six that the actor “had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered … and he would never condone [Wilde] being served in such an inappropriate manner.”

Why was she served custody papers so inappropriately?

According to Bill Falker, who is the owner of Clark County Process Service based in Las Vegas where Wilde was served, the processors can go to great lengths to deliver legal documents on behalf of their clients no matter how strange or inappropriate they might be.


“I’ve seen some odd things,” told Falkner to NPR. However, even for him, this Olvia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis drama at CinemaCon was beyond anything he had ever seen. “I have never come across a client or been involved in a serve where this would be the first thing we do,” he explained. “This is like a last-ditch effort,” he added.

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