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13 Reasons Why Cast: From Dylan Minnette To Alisha Boe, Who’s Dating Who IRL?

Single, taken, or well… it’s complicated!

Netflix aired the fourth and the final season of 13 Reasons Why in June, giving its fans the perfect closure to a journey that started with Hannah Baker’s suicide. 

13 Reasons Why’s first season brought to life Jay Asher’s book of the same name and was lauded by young fans, so much so that the makers were prompted to continue the series beyond the novel’s premise. Viewers got more drama and controversy than they bargained for. Some loved it while some hated it, but everyone watched it, for it became our guilty pleasure. 

Over the years, the 13 Reasons Why cast created a lot of buzz for all the right reasons. Their love lives haven’t escaped the buzz either. 

Read on to know if the heartthrobs and the femmes fatales are single, taken, or well… it’s complicated!

Dylan Minnette

While his character Clay never seemed to get it right when it came to relationships, it’s quite the opposite IRL. Dylan Minnette and girlfriend Lydia Night make an adorable couple and never shy away from a little PDA. Lydia is his muse and his moral compass, as he says. Dylan Minnette and Lydia Night have been dating since two years and it seems like they are in it for the long haul!

Prior to Lydia, Dylan was in a long-term relationship with actress Kerris Dorsey, his co-star from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Katherine Langford

Rumours were rife that Katherine was dating Dylan but nothing blossomed between the two. Katherine is single and completely committed to her career, having some big projects Netlfix’s Cursed lined up.

Brandon Flynn

Brandon aka Justin Foley was dating singer Sam Smith back in 2018, after which he was linked with actor Richard Madden. The dreamboat is currently single, although he seems to be a committed parent to his pet dog.

Alisha Boe

Alisha Boe, our very own Jessica Davis, was rumoured to be dating Scott O’Brien but seems to be single at the moment.  The busy bee probably doesn’t have time to date as she’s wholly invested in her career. 

Christian Lee Navarro

Christian was rumoured to be dating model Kassidy Ramirez, before which he was linked to actress Shazi Raja. While his Instagram PDA often confirmed these rumours, he never publicly admitted to either of the relationships. Looks like Christian is as mysterious as his character Tony was!

Justin Prentice 

Justin Prentice who played Bryce Walker turned out to be quite a keeper and has been dating German actress Annika Pampel since 2014. The two will soon mix business with pleasure as they have decided to jointly produce a movie. 

Miles Heizer

Miles, better known as Alex Standall, was initially rumoured to be dating co-star Brandon but the two are just friends. Miles is in a relationship with Locke and Key star Connor Jessup. What a lovely couple they make! 

Ross Butler

Well well well, let’s break the news. The charming Ross Butler is… SINGLE! Unbelievable but true!

Tommy Dorfman

The actor who played Ryan Shaver is not only in a relationship, he is also married. Yes, you read it right! Tommy got married to hubby Peter Zurkuhlen in 2016 and posts with his cuddle buddy quite often.

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