A Starry New Cast Makes Way Into The Power-Packed Billions Season 5

It doesn’t get better than this!


We could not come bearing more exciting news than this! Billions, the popular, intriguing drama about power politics in the New York high finance world is back with a bang! The brilliant series’ premiered its first episode of the much-awaited season 5 on May 3 and we cannot..Just cannot get enough of it. There is edgy suspense, explosive story-line and the sexiest cast ever. Among the veteran Billion charmers, there are new characters who will win your heart in no time!

An exciting time to be a Billions fan

Well, true that because given all the leisure time courtesy the quarantine, there could not be a better time for this crackling, complex revenge-schemed drama about power brokers of New York. What is better is the show has some very sexy additions to its cast this time, with an even powerful story-line. Making you beg for just a small peek into the next adventurous episode. 

Quick Recap

To recall where Billions left you last season, you might want to remember the super-sketchy episode where Chuck (Paul Giamatti) finally wins but at the expense of his wife’s medical career. But Wendy (Maggie Siff) ends up saving her license though only with Axe’s (Damian Lewis) timely help. Now the major twist was when she leaves Chuck and lands in Axe’s gigantic Tribeca penthouse. Leaving us all wondering if something exciting will brew up in Billions Season 5. Also, with no new political enemies to take down, Chuck returns his focus on his old friend-enemy, while Prince may the just what he needs to get there. Yes! That’s how unfairly the audience was left last season. Wishing and even praying for just another season to land as quick, and what better time than this with such a starry new cast.

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The Sexy New Cast and the Old Charmers

Talking about the lovely new cast of Billions Season 5, there new additions to blow-your-already blown mind. Julianna Margulies (fame ‘The Good Wife’ plays a professor with a bestseller book on female orgasm) and Corey Stoll (fame ‘House of Cards’ is Mike Prince, a billionaire whose mindful capitalism annoys Axe), Frank Grillo (a he-man painter) and Roma Maffia (fame Disclosure) – make their power-pack entry to the great lineup and mingle their ways with Axe, Chuck and Wendy. Orbiting them is a starry bunch of other character actors following from the previous season of Billions.

All about Episode 1, Billions Season 5

The first episode of the new season picked up its thrill from where it left its viewers thirsty. Maggie Stiff gets a considerable payoff and her character takes interesting turns. The actress reclaims her personal status and unites with the warring party of Axe, the multibillion hedge-fund rival and other associates including Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon). Stiff also takes the tough call on her ruptured marriage with Chuck and the season unfolds an all-time high of risky alliances and cunning betrayals, setting the tone of Billions Season 5 just right. 

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