All About Katy Perry Premiering American Idol On Valentine’s Day

The Sunday premiere night saw a range of emotions!

Katy Perry is back on American Idol season 19 on ABC along with judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. The singer premiered the season on Valentine’s Day in the dress-up of “Queen Of Hearts” on Sunday night, 14 February.

“Our aim was to make this season of Idol as normal as possible,” showrunner Trish Kinane told Billboard ahead of the new season. “We want to be the first show to pivot back to something resembling normality so we had that lens through which we look at every phase of the format.”

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Katy Perry as “Queen of Hearts”

“Will you be joining a Queen of Hearts for the #AmericanIdol premiere tonight? Grab your beloved valentine and tune in to @abcnetwork at 8/7c,” Katy Perry wrote for her latest episode of American Idol on social media.

In the pictures, Perry was seen in a white wrap up gown with hearts stitched to its sides. The hearts varied in different shapes and colors from red to orange and to pink to white matching the singer’s whole “Queen of Heart” looks.

Katy Perry got emotional during a performance

Katy Perry was in tears during the audition of American Idol. She wept profusely after a contestant, DJ Johnson, shared her story of her mother abandoning their family. DJ told the judges that her mother made her feel like she “wasn’t good enough to go anywhere” and was “worthless”.

DJ also told that she could only return to music after her mother left her family, and her father was a big supporter of her musical journey. She performed a self-written song about the parent “leaving scars on her children.”

The 18-year-old broke down during the audition. During that moment American Idol judge, Katy Perry also couldn’t hold back her tears and her entire makeup got smeared on camera. Katy Perry sobbed through the whole performance of DJ, even after her father joined her on stage to support his daughter.

After the performance, Katy said: “Some of the greatest artists have become artists because they’ve had the most pain in their life…”

“You give hope to so many people…” she added.

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Katy Perry buys a $400 jacket for dad from a contestant

During the premiere several contestants were trying their luck to win the golden ticket. That’s when a 16-year-old boy, Ryan Romano, got Katy Perry’s attention on American Idol with his compatible piano and glittering jacket. The young one couldn’t impress the judges with his singing, but his “cool” jacket got Perry’s attention.

After his performance, Katy Perry asked him about his attire and thought that “it would look very good on her father who is known for his eccentric fashion style”. She even asked him whether she could buy his jacket and said, “Do you have Venmo?”

To which Ryan said, “I do.” and Lionel Richie continued the barter with, “A deal has been struck on the set!”. Katy Perry immediately transferred the money into the American Idol contestants Venmo account, and on request of Luke increased the amount from $350 to $400. Ryan was definitely shocked by the exchange, but he happily left his jacket on the piano and $400 in his account.

Later in the pictures we could also see Katy Perry dad wearing the contestant’s jacket.

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