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As Contestants Face Their Flaws And Continue The Blame Game, Who Will Be 2020’s Bigg Boss Winner?

With the finale and the eagerly awaited announcement of Season 13’s Bigg Boss winner in toe, journalist and Aaap Ki Adalat host continued with his interrogation of Sidharth Shukla who we had previously seen defending the allegation of being arrogant. 

Sidharth Shukla stressed that he is extra aggressive so as to win the game

On being grilled by Rajat Sharma, Sidharth stressed that one cannot become the Bigg Boss winner by just winning the tasks and his aggressive attitude is part of his tactics to win the game. He was then accused of not doing any work in the house and not being assigned any chores as everyone is afraid of his aggression. 

Rajat Sharma once again questioned Sidharth Shukla’s tendency to be mean and rude to Rashami Desai, to which Sidharth shared that while they were working together, an article came out that mentioned that he has problems on the set, which were all lies. As he felt that she was the one to dish out the false news, their relationship soured. As for the Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai equation, for now, he said that they are simply co-existing. 

On being asked about Shehnaaz Gill, Sidharth Shukla clarified that while he feels comfortable with her, he won’t be able to spend as much time with her once the show ends, but while he doesn’t take calls a lot, he will be making an exception for Shehnaaz. He descends from the witness box with Rajat’s advice to be more forgiving from now on. 

Shehnaaz Gill is questioned whether she finds SidNaaz a game

She denied all the allegations, adding that she is with Sidharth because he tolerates her and listens to whatever she has to say. As for Sidharth Shukla not choosing her during the immunity task, she shared that it didn’t bother her while he is all about teamwork, she plays alone. 

The next allegation against her was of destroying her own image in the house, to which Shehnaaz Gill agreed but added that she has stopped doing it since Salman Khan reprimanded her.

Rajat then showed her a series of clips stressing that she is obsessed with Sidharth and has turned him crazy. While Sidharth denied the allegation, everyone shared a hearty laugh.

Mahira Sharma faces the allegation of being a mere shadow in the show

Rajat questioned her constant decision to be with Paras Chhabra at all times, not answering for herself, and being dependent on Paras to the point that if she becomes the Bigg Boss winner she will end up giving it to him. Mahira agreed to his comment and even said that either Sidharth Shukla or Paras will win. 

After Rajat Sharma bids adieu, Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai once again discussed the article, with the latter stressing that she never sent out the article. After some minor disagreements between Sidharth and Shehnaaz, which ended with the duo cuddling, the BB house started gearing for a spooky-turn-of-events with the arrival of Vicky Kaushal tonight for the promotion of his film Bhoot-The Haunted Ship. 

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