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Danai Gurira On ‘The Walking Dead’ Giving Her Character Michonne “A Beautiful Exit”, SPOILERS INSIDE!

We will miss you Michonne…until we hopefully meet again!

For fans of the post-apocalyptic horror series, The Walking Dead, last night’s episode “What We Became” was one hell of an emotional wringer as it marked the end of actress Danai Gurira’s as the samurai sword swinger, Michonne. And even though Gurira’s departure from The Walking Dead was revealed over a year ago, the bittersweet farewell Michonne got still brought with it a flood of emotions viewers were so not ready for. 

So, how did it all…*sob* end?

On a mission to obtain a cache of weapons from Virgil, who has evidently gone off the deep end after he lost his family because of his faults, Michonne is trapped by him and drugged. She hallucinates a whole different life than the one she led- choosing not to help Andrea when they first met, a deceased Siddiq visiting her, and as a Savior who killed her friends. 

But she eventually over-powered the drugs and Virgil, and finds Rick’s boots in a locker in the hull of a washed-up ship, where she also finds a smartphone with etchings of Michonne and their daughter Judith (Cailey Fleming), making her hope again- Rick is alive somewhere.  She embarks on a mission to find him, leaving behind the kids, the remaining survivors, and creating new zombie pets. 

Woah! Right? And there is so much about the episode we haven’t told you! 

Why is Danai Gurira’s katana-wielding warrior finally bidding farewell The Walking Dead after eight seasons?

Well, Gurira has some big things coming up like becoming a showrunner on HBO Max’s upcoming Americanaah. She had also signed a two-year overall deal with ABCs studios wherein she will develop, write and produce for all the platforms the studio is visible on. 

Wondering what Danai Gurira, one of The Walking Dead’s most popular character, thinks of her exit?

Well, not only was the emotion-scale on the set during the filming of her final episode pretty high, Gurira too is both sad and satisfied with how it all came to a close. 

“It was everything,” the actor shared. “It was peaceful. It was beautiful. It was joyful. It was sad. It was, you know, gratifying.” But she found it “incredibly hard to even imagine leaving” as she “loved that show, I loved the family that I had there, and that I always have.”

But while leaving the set was heartbreaking for her, it was also “love and it was joy and it was peace because I feel like I left well.”

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