Dark Season 3 Trailer Keeps Everyone Guessing; The Final Cycle To Arrive On This Date!

It is a stunner!

Can a confusing and complicated plot be intriguing? It might sound like a difficult question to answer but Dark, Netflix’s popular show that has kept its viewers on their toes since 2017, makes this query look like a simple one. The German-language sci-fi thriller has all the above-mentioned traits that have been mixed sublimely. The phenomenal responses that the first two seasons of Dark continues to receive would stand as the testimony to its popularity. Now, Dark Season 3 is also on the way and the big announcement about the same has arrived.

Dark Season 3 trailer is a stunner

Makers of the show dropped the trailer on Tuesday (May 26, 2020) and it came in as a surprise to one and all. It needs to be said that the brand new promo is tricky and packs a whole lot of suspense elements by throwing ample hints about what’s on the store. Dark Season 3 trailer features all the prominent characters including Jonas, Martha and Bartosz, & within a short time it conveys that an absolute stunner is on the way. Be it the BGM, cinematography, or the visual aspects, everything looks top-notch. Check out for yourself here


It is the ‘Final Cycle’!

What has got everyone excited is the fact that Dark Season 3’s release date has been announced. The show created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese will be available on Netflix from June 27, 2020, onwards. A whole lot of questions are expected to be answered in Season 3, which has all elements to be another big hit by Netflix. There are high chances for Dark to rule the OTT platforms despite the tough competitions.

Fans are left in a state of awe

Dark Season 3 trailer has just come in at the right time and the reactions on social media suggest that the fans have already started to pull their brains. Discussions are on full-swing and they are waiting for all the mysteries and suspense to be revealed. The show narrates the story of four families and a vicious time loop in which they are entangled. Dark is considered to be one of the most captivating shows of all time. All credits to the fascinating cuts. The makers do know to raise the curiosity of their viewers, don’t they?

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