Despite The Sitcom Theme of WandaVision, It Is Going To Be A ‘Full MCU Action Movie’

Comedy AND Action!

It is almost here- WandaVision, the first Marvel offering in a long, long time. So, to say that we are stoked would be a major understatement. The upcoming Disney+ series is going to present a bigger picture of all that Scarlet Witch is capable of which was barely teased in Avengers: Endgame where she single-handedly overpowered Thanos, forcing the ruthless Titan to rain fire on his own tropes to save himself. And if anyone was misled by the sitcom-y feels of its trailer can rest assured that it will have tonnes of adrenaline-amping scenes as series star Paul Bettany has himself confirmed that the story of WandaVision will culminate into a “full, MCU action movie.”

Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff) played coy about sharing even the smallest detail about WandaVision when she recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She neatly sidestepped his loaded questions about the Easter Eggs in the trailer (like the wine bottle with the “House of M” label which hints at the series of Marvel comics that had a reality-altering comic storyline about the Scarlet Witch). But her co-star, Paul Bettany, who plays the advanced android being Vision, proved to be a much better sport when he appeared on the show

Sticking to its sitcom style of conception, the first episode of WandaVision was filmed in front of a live audience that left Jimmy Kimmel wondering if major revelations in the episode were not filmed in their presence and the sitcom portion of the show is not “the entirety of the show.”

“That’s a 100% correct! We hurtled through the decades and we hit different genres of sitcoms and then Vision begins to think that this is getting a little weird and, in the end, you end up in [a] full, MCU action movie,” Paul Bettany shared about filming WandaVision.

He also touched upon the fact that post Avengers: Infinity War, just like the MCU fans, he had no idea what his character’s future was as unlike the others who came to life in Endgame, Vision stayed dead. Bettany had no idea that the brains at the Marvel Studios were cooking up a new journey for him.

“I got a call from Kevin Feige and he said, ‘Come and see me and Louis D’Esposito,’ and I was like, ‘Ahh, I’m getting canned,'” Paul Bettany confessed. “I went in to see them and thought they were being generous about it and were gonna let me down gently and, to cut it off at the pass, I walked in there and said, ‘Look, guys, this has been a great run and thank you so much,’ and they went, ‘Are you quitting? We were gonna pitch you a TV show.’ And I went, ‘Ohh, yeah, okay.'”

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