Emmy Awards 2019: Meet The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The Biggest Night Of The Television Land

We thought that red carpet was all about putting your best foot forward…oh, well.

Ever heard the phrase ‘dressed to kill’? While that has a rather positive meaning i.e, to create a striking glamorous impression, our stars at the recently held 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, took the meaning a tad too literally. Though some were worthy of taking away the Best Dressed Award, had there been one, some made a statement by how not on point their attire was. And here we thought that red carpet was all about putting your best foot forward…oh, well. 

How about a mini recap of the worst-dressed celebs from the gala event? Let’s start the drum roll!

Gwendoline Cristie

Looking like Game Of Thrones not only lost out on a majority of its nominations but also one of its ancient gowns is missing, stolen by none other than Gwendoline Cristie. After all who doesn’t want to hide their slender frame and look like they have aged eons? *eyes stuck rolling heaven-wards*

Allana Harkin

While Allana’s career is witnessing its most sophisticated and balanced phase, the same cannot be said for the dress (was it?) she graced the Emmys with. The ensemble was literally giving off the vibe that it was falling apart thanks to the millions of feathers hanging from it. 

Amy Adams

Seriously, we love Amy Adams and if we had any say in it she would have won that long-overdue Oscar already. But those heavy, fluffy sleeves, that drabby dress, and her hairstyle is a different story altogether. Looks she is better dressed to attend a seance than the Emmys.

Lena Headey

Seems like how the nominations were a hit and miss for Games of Thrones, the actors of the show were also following a similar pattern. After Gwendoline Cristie, it was Lena Headey who disappointed the most. Those dull floral patterns, asymmetrical layers…anyone looking for their missing Granny? Here she is!

Carice van Houten

Taking the quote ‘Life is a blank canvas and we are the artists’, actor Carice van Houten turned up at the Emmys in a dress which looked like it had gone ten rounds of aggressive painting competitions including kids. Looks like the Game Of Thrones stars were dead-set on marking the evening with their continued fashion faux pas. 

Janet Mock

Janet Mock’s dress is the result that happens when you tend to finish your projects on the brink of its deadline- you paste things together which are not supposed to be there and in the end, it looks a lot like this… like a garbage bag became best buds with you. 

Dascha Polanco

Is it us or does the weird bright pink wing embellishments on the Orange Is The New Black star’s dress look suspiciously like the human-eating tentacles from the Alien?

Zoe Kazan

What’s up with the bizarre waterfall of fabrics in front and that brunched up curtain look, Zoe Kazan? And the clashing red and pink do little to stop her from dropping in this years’ worst-dressed celeb list.

Steven Canals

Behold Writer and producer Steven Canals and his sparkling ostrich wings, looks like he is all ready to fly away

Greta Lee

Where should we start panning Russian Doll’s Greta Lee? Should it be the two-piece ensemble in the most blinding neon-green colour or the punctured pillowcase she has attached to her chest?

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