Euphoria Special Episode 2 Review: A Hauntingly Relatable Tale Of A Fractured Soul

Exploring the thin line between fantasy and reality

Every toxic relationship that is stretched beyond its expiry date is only due to one reason– of the two, one has an elevated personality of the other in their imagination. They see them as they are not in reality but as someone, they have amped up, perfected in their heads only to be disappointed later when the truth and their fake version of the person clashes. One would find it hard to find a fictional depiction that manages to portray the pain, the confusion, the hopelessness this ends up causing. But Euphoria Special Episode Part 2: F— Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob portrays it in a way that it not only strikes a chord but leaves behind an aftertaste of its haunting beauty. 

Writing reviews isn’t an especially tough affair if you know what you are doing-  watch, analyze, look for hidden meanings, and review. But when you review something like Euphoria Special Episode Part 2, which is more potent than it’s Part 1 that featured Zendaya’s Rue, you are left collecting your overwhelming emotions, reminding yourself that whatever the character is going through, the flood of emotions and trauma they are experiencing is not your own because it is so well-acted, so beautifully penned, that it’s hard to not get swept up in the storm brewing in the characters’ life. 

Last we saw, in the episode titled ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always,’ Rue (Zendaya) was spending her Christmas getting high while remembering the heartbreaking moment Euphoria Season 1 ended on– Jules (Hunter Schafer) broke up with Rue and left. As she was using Jules as a crutch to stay away from drugs and drinking, her absence sends Rue over the edge and she relapses. She meets up with her sponsor Ali at a diner and hesitatingly lays her heart bare– she misses Jules but what she really needs is her own forgiveness to move forward in life. 

Euphoria Special Episode Part 2 establishes that Jules isn’t faring any better– she is even worse, if the truth is told. The entire episode is based in a therapy session where Jules has been sent by her father for running away from home.

But that’s not the only issue she is working through. There is obviously the profound pain she feels over ending her relationship with Rue but also all the underlying problems that have not allowed her to see her relationship with a clear head– her s—– identity and more importantly, her identity which has been lost over the years where she tried and morphed into what others wanted her to be.

The real Jules has faded since her mother lost herself to drugs. The real Jules is still finding it hard to chose the real, tangible love she feels for Rue over the fantastical but safe from heartbreaks relationship she has with someone online, someone she has never seen. 

Euphoria Special Episode Part 1 and 2 are like a deeper look into the characters of Zendaya and Hunter, and perhaps allows one to question their suppressed psyche too. Are we just surviving life, feeding off our fantasies, safe in the bubble of our imagination, afraid to embrace reality lest it brings us more pain, heartbreak, and loss? 

Euphoria Special Episode Part 2 aired on HBO and is now streaming on Disney+. 

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