Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi Dishes Details About Playing Nate And Season 2 Finale

“I don’t see him as the villain”

Spoiler ahead from Euphoria Season 2 finale

Euphoria Season 2 has wrapped up with a chaotic yet also peaceful finale – hearts are broken, we lose a beloved character, while Rue manages to find a semblance of calm within herself. But perhaps the most engrossing character arc during this season of Euphoria belonged to Jacob Elordi’s Nate who finally manages to shut the door on one of his demons. 

Recently, Jacob Elordi sat down for a chat with Variety and talked about his character’s trajectory in Euphoria Season 2, right up to its finale. During the chat, he revealed his process for playing Nate and how he doesn’t see his character as an antagonist in the series. 

“It’s funny, I don’t even really call him an antagonist, because I don’t see him as like the villain who comes in to ruin the hero’s day. Everything he does is kind of relative to his own situation. Even when it comes down to Jules — it’s because of his dad. If Rue is the protagonist, I don’t see Nate as the antagonist. I think everyone’s in their own trauma and fighting through something. And yeah, his means are fucking awful and terrible to watch. And sometimes the score makes him sound like a bit of a villain.”

Elordi even appreciates the negative comments from Euphoria fans who can’t see where his persona ends and that of Nate begins as the actor plays the character so authentically, 

“I don’t read an awful lot, but from what I do read, it’s kind of humbling because if people can’t differentiate [me from Nate], and saying, “I hate this guy”… then maybe that means I did my job well,” he explained.

According to Elordi, Nate is a “deliberately misunderstood” character as unlike other people, he “doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.” While he did begin the process of overcoming one of his major traumas by reporting his father to the police in the Euphoria Season 2 finale, he is still burdened with many more traumatic experiences that are “very hard to get away from.”

Euphoria’s Nate even has a backstory thanks to Jacob Elordi. During the chat, he revealed that he has created “journals and journals of information and stories that blend pieces of my life and made-up memories of his [Nate’s] life.” 

“I really try to change myself when I’m playing someone. The only way I can even begin to hope to do that is by creating a world that I can draw from. Even then, you can’t fully get rid of yourself,” he added. 

Euphoria, which recently aired its Season 2 finale on February 27, 2022, has already been renewed for a third season. 

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