Everything You Need To Know About Stranger Things Season 4

Give us the next season already Netflix!

Excitement around Stranger Things Season 4 has started buzzing after the release of its second teaser.

After what seems like an endless wait for the next season, Stranger Things has begun to tease its fans. It’s good news that the wait might be over soon, but what else to expect from the show’s fourth and possibly the “scariest” installment. With so many guesses around, we’ll try to untangle some of your confusion.

When is the release date?

Netflix has released a handful of teaser trailers of the show, but it seems some of the filming is yet to be completed. During an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Live, David Harbour gave a more specific date. “I mean, you’re not supposed to say, but I’ll tell you. Yeah, I’m almost done,” he said. “I’ve got one more little stint. We should be done in like August, but I’ve got to shave this beard again.”

The coronavirus pandemic, just like everything else, put a delay on filming of the show. Originally slated for a release in 2021, Stranger Things Season 4 may need some extra time to reach us.

Even Finn Wolfhard mentioned that Stranger Things season 4 will probably come out in 2022.

Another major reason to speculate a 2022 release is that Netflix left out the show for its 2021 releases. In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix had names for some big releases this year, but there was no mention of Stranger Things Season 4. By not giving any solid confirmation, Netflix may already have hinted the season is coming next year.

Even a recent teaser captioned “002/004” is leading some fans to believe that Stranger Things season 4 is coming out on Feb. 4, 2022. It is highly possible, but it could also be a reference to second of four teasers as the previous one, titled “From Russia with Love” was captioned “001/004.”

What would be the theme of Stranger Things Season 4?

Fans of the show know that each season centers around a specific holiday- Christmas for season 1, Halloween for season 2, and July Fourth for season 3. With the current delay in filming and an expected release in February – this season could be based around Valentine’s day. Additionally, this would perfectly fit the current storyline with so many characters coupled last season. This could prove to be a major coincidence, but we’ll have to wait to know.

How many episodes are there in Season 4?

A report says that there might be eight episodes in Stanger Things season 4, like seasons 3 & 1. But another guess says there could be nine episodes like season 2. When the Stranger Things Writers posted a picture of all the finished scripts of Season 4 on Twitter, it looked like there were actually nine scripts, not eight.

Eight or Nine, we just hope there aren’t any major cliffhangers by the end.

What else?

In May, Netflix released a new teaser trailer for the show titled “Eleven, are you listening?” The teaser shows the Rainbow Room at the Hawkins National Lab and confirms the return of Dr. Brenner. This could also mean we may expect to meet more characters with extraordinary powers in Season 4.

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