Four More Shots Please! Season 2 Review: A Messier, Yet Far More Relatable Take On Embracing ‘Imperfections’

Empowering without meandering into “preaching lane”

Getting pregnant out of wedlock, same-sex marriages being nothing out of the ordinary, rebounds not being frowned upon by our sanskaari society- sounds like THE perfect world, right? Too good to be true? Well, this fairyland version of reality is where Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please! Season 2 continues its story in. But what apart from this slight departure from bitter reality, watching the four leading ladies figuring life, debunking what the world calls their “imperfections”, and embracing their selves couldn’t have been more relatable.

When Season 1 had ended, not many had been able to connect with its characters. Four More Shots Please! Season 2 rectifies all that- while their life is even messier than before, right from the very first episode, you can’t help but root for these women who are personifying the very dilemmas every woman has once faced (or is facing). Maybe it is the magic of Nupur Asthana helming the director’s chair this time. 

So, by the end of Season 1, the four friends were stuck in different dilemmas of their own. Umang (Bani J) had a falling out with her family after she came out and was dumped by a scared Samara Singh. Siddhi’s (Maanvi Gagroo) secret internet ventures were exposed to her family, leading Simone Singh as Sneha, her forever-disapproving-of-her-daughter coming to her aid. Damini (Sayani Gupta) returned the award for investigative journalism and was dumped by Jeh while Anjana (Kirti Kulhari), stuck in jail for an accident case was facing the horror of losing out her daughter’s custody to her ex-husband. 

Four months have passed Season 1 of Four More Shots Please! and the friends are not on talking terms, yet when the possibility of Siddhi being in danger reveals itself, they reunite and land up in Istanbul. While there is no real problem to solve, the friends get together once again with the promise to never abandon each other again.  

They have solved their older challenges and quickly embark on the journey of facing new hurdles. Siddhi discovers her latent talent as a stand-up comedian (a very Marvelous Mrs. Maiselish “inspiration”), while fervently trying to reconnect to her dad, manage a lukewarm sexual relationship, pining after an old flame, and still on-board the journey of discovering herself.

Even as Anjana is patching and muddling up her love life, her professional life takes a nosedive as well after she gets a chauvinist new boss. Damini dives deeper into investigative journalism and writes a book on a controversial topic that fails to get a publisher, while Warsi (Milind Soman) and Jeh (Prateek Babbar) flit in and out of her life as her love interests. As for Umang and Samara’s (Lisa Ray) love story, it finally takes off, but too much is happening too soon for Umang as she is left finding her place in the relationship.

All four of them have soared as performers, confidently playing their characters, embracing their nuances as their own, and imbibing the storyline with a rare authenticity as they appear to live and breathe the story. 

Four More Shots Please! Season 2 strikes mostly every issue a woman faces- workplace sexism, body image issues, freedom to speak their mind, parenthood, etc- but, thankfully, without turning it preachy and raging into a Kartik Aaryan-ish monologue.

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