‘Frozen’ Becomes The First Broadway Theatre Production To Close Permanently Due To Coronavirus

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to never see the light of a stage again!

The world of Broadway theatre has just been hit with the worst news ever: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is officially never going to return on stage. The announcement was made earlier today by credible Disney sources leaving us all in shock. This can be seen as the first big blow to the future of Broadway theatre post quarantine. 

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to never see the light of a stage again! 

The last time we saw the ‘Frozen’ cast take a bow at the end of a show was on 11th March 2020. Who would have guessed that it was the last time we were going to see them live!?

Commenting more on this, the president of the Disney Theatrical Productions, Thomas Schumacher said, “In the summer of 2013 when Frozen began its road to Broadway two things were unimaginable: that we’d soon have five productions worldwide, and a global pandemic would so alter the world economy that running three Disney shows on Broadway would become untenable. The extraordinary contributions of Broadway’s original company plus those who have joined more recently cannot be overstated. Frozen, like all shows, is wholly dependent on those who create and perform them but this was an uncommonly close and talented group and they’ll be missed.”  

Broadway theatre world is in for some difficult competition: 

‘Frozen’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ were the top Broadway theatre musicals by Disney. Schumacher further explained that the reason to shut the production of ‘Frozen’ was that the post quarantine world will be running at a rocket paced speed where everyone will be hustling to get back all that they have lost. In such a competitive environment, Disney will have to prioritize it’s top two Broadway theatre productions, i.e. ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Aladdin.’ Statistics show that unfortunately, Frozen was not able to garner the same amount of revenue as the other two and was only able to yield $1 million by ticket sales in its last week of production. 

What is the future of Broadway theatre in the post quarantine era? 

With the news of ‘Frozen’ drawing a permanent curtain to their production, Broadway theatre groups across America are worried about how the entertainment sector is going to revive once things get back to normal. Mary McColl, the executive director of Actors’ Equity Association issued a statement saying, “The arts and entertainment sector drives the economy of New York, just like it does in cities and towns across the country. Decisions made in the days and weeks ahead will shape the future of the arts sector for years to come and public officials at all levels must think much more boldly about supporting the arts or our entire economy will be slower to recover.” 

Here’s bidding farewell to Frozen, a musical that completed over 825 performances in two years and made a permanent place in our hearts. 

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