Game Of Thrones At Emmy Awards: Citizens of Westeros Rule The Red Carpet

Trophies weren’t the only things dazzling at the ceremony

The stars of Game of Thrones may have finished their adventures in Westeros, but their glamour still ruled the show at the 2019 Emmys, and we, as fans, loved every bit of it!

The show earned an astonishing 32 nominations, and while there was only one individual winner, Peter Dinklage was deemed as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, the show itself ruled the roost, winning the shiniest prize of the night: Outstanding Drama Series!

But the trophies weren’t the only things dazzling at the ceremony, for our stars certainly knew how to put up a spectacle:

King in the North (And Dapper Outfit!)

Kit Harington rocked the traditional jacket and trouser suit with a shirt as bright as his smile, and we couldn’t stop loving it. Jon Snow, the beloved character he played was nominated for the Emmy.

The Girl Who Has An Amazing Fashion Sense

She slayed the Night King, and she continued to slay us on the red carpet as Maisie Williams looked absolutely stunning in a fitting black dress. She was nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama.

Sophie Rules the North and the Carpet

After taking control of the North, Sophie Turner held all our attention as well in her beautiful pale pink gown, being complemented well by her jewellery. She was nominated for the first time for her role as Sansa Stark. 

The Madly Stunning Queen

Even without her dragons, Emilia Clarke was setting the carpet on fire with her navy-blue gown with a down-to-there neckline, and her charismatic smile.

Bran the Brilliant, and the Suave Advisor

The ultimate victor in the Game of Thrones, Isaac Hempstead Wright a.k.a. Bran the Broken, King of the Six Kingdoms, looked fresh in a formal suit. He was accompanied by his trusted aide and co-star, Liam Cunningham, Davos Seaworth a.k.a. the Onion Knight, on the Emmys red carpet.

The Lannisters send their regards, and great photographs!

Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau were the Lannister Gold of the party, literally in the case of Nikolaj’s dress, in the florals of Lena, or the shining trophy of Outstanding Actor won by Peter!

How do you feel watching your favorite characters in their glad rags? Tell us below!

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