Game Of Thrones’ Director Neil Marshall Agrees That Finale Season Was ‘Rushed’ And “Wasn’t Set Up Well”

“I’m a little sad, actually. I wish we had a few more seasons. But I understand,”

When Game Of Thrones won the Emmy for Best Drama Series this year, people were left wondering whether it was based on pity for the show, which had been snubbed in every other category it had been nominated in. Because if you were to measure the deserving factor of the last season of the episode, the hefty petition signed by more than 17,406,700 fans, demanding the last six episodes of Season 8 to be re-shot kind of kills the limelight the show had been enjoying for the last seven years- a fact that even GoT director Neil Marshall agrees to. 

Be it the deaths of pivotal characters, the uninspiring storylines, or the hurried transformation of Daenerys Targaryen into the Mad Queen, the last season of the show felt too rushed. And Neil Marshall admitted that hit HBO programme didn’t have a smooth run as it reached its epic finale. 

‘Ultimately all the characters ended up where they were meant to be, but I think some of them got there in a bit of a rush. I agree that it was a bit of a rush. It felt like things weren’t set up well enough. But they all ended up where they were meant to be, though, I got that,” he said

Echoing the sentiments of millions of fans of the show, author George R. R. Martin, on whose fantasy novels the show was based on, had also shared that he felt ‘a little sad’ as his series, A Song Of Ice And Fire, couldn’t be adapted properly. 

While he would have preferred if the show did ‘it exactly the way [he] did’, but understands that “it’s complex.” “I’m a little sad, actually. I wish we had a few more seasons. But I understand,” he said in one of his early interviews during the initial episodes of Season 8. 

“Dave [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] are gonna go on to do other things, and I’m sure some of the actors were signed up for like seven or eight years, and they would like to go on and take other roles,” he said. 

H/T: The Sun

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