Great Guests, Great Banter: A Little Late With Lilly Singh Going From Strength To Strength!

Guests galore at the show!

We have always been proud of Lilly Singh. Born in Canada to Indian immigrant parents (Yes! We can claim her as one of our very own!), Lilly has worn many hats in the past – actress, model, writer, rapper, motivational speaker, vlogger and, of course, famous YouTuber! Having achieved so much in life, this ‘Superwoman’ has now taken a foray into the demanding world of American late-night TV.

It’s never too late for fun! Sometimes it can be ‘little late’ though!

When Lilly Singh announced that she was starting a new late-night talk show, fans couldn’t be more excited. The unwritten rule barring female hosts in late-night American TV networks was ready to be challenged by a superwoman. The result? A brand new show called ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’!

Before you could say ‘superwoman surpasses stupid stereotypes’, Lilly’s fans were already raving about how amazing the show is:


With her quirky brand of humour, Lilly is already killing it on her show, which is barely a fortnight old!

Guests galore at the show!

In true fashion, Lilly came out kicking on the very first night of her show! We already covered it in a previous post how the premiere episode featured the iconic Mindy Kaling (brown power all the way, guys!) and her co-star from the legendary TV sitcom ‘The Office’ Rainn Wilson. Ever since then, Lilly has managed to get some great guests on successive episodes.

A talented hunk and two gorgeous divas!

Just two days into her late night-innings, Lilly managed to make it to primetime with a special episode that featured Christina Aguilera along with ‘This is Us’ stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore! The always effervescent Xtina taught Lily some vocal warmup exercises, while Milo and Mandy shared their respective trysts with Instagram!

Check out the videos:

The ‘Dark Angel’ makes an appearance!

Jessica Alba also graced Lilly’s show with her presence. Alba, who rose to prominence as the lead actress of American TV series ‘Dark Angel’, revealed how she ‘totally embarrassed her kids’! As an ironic and fitting act of justice, Alba and Lilly then received an embarrassing, yet fun makeover from kids! 

Watch the clip:

Anna and Lilly are in love!

You can pretty much imagine the utter laugh riot that must have ensued when ‘Scary Movie’ star Anna Faris landed on the show! Lilly and Anna engaged in some flirty banter with Lilly proclaiming, “So here’s the thing, Anna and I have met very recently and, as you can tell, we’re in love”! Need we say more?

See the video:

Ultimately, Lilly’s show is a milieu of experiences and stories shared between a group of superbly talented people – all of it packaged into a format that is genuinely fun and entertaining. We can’t wait for the next episode of this awesome show!

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