Here Is What The Twitterati Has To Say About Sacred Games 2

Did Sacred Games 2 manage to live up to all the hype and expectations?

So Sacred Games 2 is finally here and the frenzy around it is unlike any Indian web-series ever. So much so that Netflix India had to put out a tweet reminding people that they happen to “have other titles on the service apart from Sacred Games.”

With a phenomenal run, the first season of Sacred Games left people yearning for a lot more. Thus, season 2 had a lot of expectations associated with it even before it went live. But did it manage to live up to all the hype and expectations? Did it justify 8 hours of run time for you?

Amidst all the exhalations of the web-series done by Netflix India, it becomes rather intriguing to find out what the viewers have to say about it. We at LEFTOye dived into a sea of tweets and came up with a bunch that sort of represents all kind of Sacred Games talk that’s out there.

Ready to find out? Read on:

The excited/satisfied tweets

More than anything else, Sacred Games has always been hailed for its exceptional performances and this time it’s no different:

Then come the binge watchers and true admirers who just couldn’t keep calm:

The confused ones

There also happen to be ones who found it difficult to keep up and got lost somewhere along the course of 8 episodes:

Then there are the really really confused ones, like in general. See for yourself:

Ummm, what?

The disappointed ones

We are specially loving how creatively critical the disappointed tweets got:

One more:

This slightly below the belt tweet:

The meme enthusiasts

Memes, by now, are a religion in India. How can we even expects from the meme lords to miss out on milking the Sacred Games mania?

It started with the initial excitement:

Soon led to some brainstorming for the templates:

And quickly escalated from there:

Netflix India hyping up its own kid

To its credit, Netflix has always had a reputation for wit and humour. Naturally, the buzz around Sacred Games 2 calls for some more and that’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Netflix India’s Twitter game is on fire right now:

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