Hilary Duff Calls Out Disney Plus And Requests For The Lizzie McGuire Reboot To Be Moved To Hulu

All is not well in the Lizzie McGuire reboot paradise, friends!

All is not well in the Lizzie McGuire reboot paradise, friends! 

If you want to look for examples where a movie or series got shifted from Disney Plus to Hulu then one need not go too far. Popular series Love, Simon gained tremendous love and support among its fan base. But the makers at Disney plus did not approve of  substance abuse engaging content on their platform and hence the planned series was shifted to Hulu with a new title ‘Love, Victor.’ 

When this news came up, Hilary Duff, took to her Instagram by posting a screenshot of it and captioning it “sounds familiar” hinting at why her show was also on hold. 

Lizzie Mcguire reboot on hold or off the shelf? 

Well, there has been so much discussion and news around the show that nothing feels certain. In the latest update, Hilary Duff made a public statement asking production to move the show from Disney Plus to Hulu. What is this fuss about, you ask? We’ll tell you. 

You see  Disney Plus’s content is mostly consumed by kids and families. Therefore, there is high censorship on what can be shown and what can’t be shown. The platform has a reputation to maintain, after all. 

Hulu, on the other hand, is a branch of Disney itself. This online streaming platform is like a Disney version of Netflix where the audience is vast and not limited to just kids. Therefore, the content here can be free from restrictions.

Let’s backdate a little 

If you are hearing about the news of the Lizzie Mcguire reboot for the first time, let us bring you up to speed. The internet broke when Hillary Duff announced the sequel where we will see a 30 something Lizzie navigating her way through adult life. Then in another update, we heard that the shooting was in full swing and two episodes had been shot, until Terri Minsky, the main showrunner stepped down. 

Production came to a standstill thereafter and heartbroken fans couldn’t help but wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it seems the tunnel is deeper than it looks like. 

Lizzie Mcguire will have to fight a few battles to make space for herself. Be it Hulu or Disney Plus, fans are ready to watch it wherever it premiers. We also have to give a lot of credits to Hilary Duff for fighting tooth to nail for this project. We seldom see stars being so attached to a show where they are giving out public statements without the fear of bad publicity. Now that’s the kind of love Lizzie fandom showers, isn’t it? 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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