Kathryn Hahn Is Not Ready To Disclose Whether Agnes Is Really Agatha Harkness In WandaVision

But we already know the truth!

Katharyn Hahn’s Agnes is Agatha Harkness, Marvel’s witch– this is probably the only thing that MCU fans are sure about when it comes to the mind-boggling premise of the Disney+ series, WandaVision, even though it is yet to be made official. But unlike Tom Holland, who is always ready to dish details about his films, Katharyn Hahn is going the Marvel way– to sit on the secret and play coy. 

Anyone who has been binging WandaVision from the beginning has already caught on to the many clues that point that Kathryn Hahn as Agnes is really the witch, Agatha Harkness who acts as a mentor of sorts to Wanda in the comics and even erases the memory of her twins when Mephisto resurrection effectively kills them, to save her from the infinite pain.

In the series, it’s Agatha who appears to know a lot more than she is letting on. And oh, that brooch with the three faces is a massive giveaway that she is indeed Agatha Harkness as in the comics too, the character wore a similar locket. 

Then there has been that joke uttered by Agnes in the first episode of WandaVision where she tells Wanda that the only way her husband Ralph (who has been mysteriously MIA till now) can remember their anniversary is if there was a beer named 2nd June.

Now, if you have your history right, then you know that it was on 2nd June 1692 that the infamous Salem Witch Trials began, which saw many people being sentenced or prosecuted for practicing witchcraft. Agatha Harkness herself turned in many witches and wizards to the authorities, claiming that she was weeding out the weakest from the community. 

In one of the many teaser clips for WandaVision, we saw Westview celebrating Halloween and Agnes sitting in a car dressed as a witch. She is in a trance before Vision wakes her up, upon which she discloses that he is dead followed by a burst of cackling laughter.

Also, in Episode 3 of the series, we saw her having a certain control over the people of the town when she silenced Herb with a look when he tried telling Vision something very important. While all signs point to Agnes being more than the “nosey neighbour” Marvel Studios has advertised her as, Kathryn Hahn kept her silence in the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! even as she faced one loaded question after another. 

And when Kimmel asked Kathryn Hahn whether Agnes is really Agatha Harkness and a villain or a hero, the actress simply lifted her “Pimms Cup” for a sip every time the question was repeated, triggering some major laughs from the show’s audience. 

Now, Kathryn Hahn may keep her silence about Agatha Harkness, but it is pretty clear that Agnes is definitely up to something, and chances are that she is in cahoots with the real villain of WandaVision. 

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