Katy Perry Meets Her 17-Year- Old Country Side Twin On American Idol

“Are you the country version of me?”

American Idol‘s second round of Season 19 auditions are on, and the next episode surprises the audiences with Katy Perry’s twin who is ready to be the world’s next big country star.

Who is Katy Perry’s Twin?

Sunday’s American Idol episode for the singer and judge Katy Perry turned out to be fun when she came face to face with 17-year-old Hannah Everhart, a near lookalike of the “Roar” singer.

In a clip before the audition, viewers were introduced to Hannah Everhart from Canton, Mississippi, who said in a pre-taped video that Canton is a small town and everybody knows everybody. And every time the budding singer gets her hair done, she gets told that she looks like Katy Perry. 

When Everhart entered the American Idol 2021 auditions room, she was questioned by Perry, “Are you the country version of me?” 

To which, a reserved Everhart confirmed “Everybody says I look like you.”

Katy asked her if they were separated at birth and Everhart said that something like that could’ve happened.

While the judges seemed to have a good time as Katy Perry’s twin entertained them with her fun personality, the look-alike in question then charmed them with a rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Wayfaring Stranger.”

Although she had an interesting tone to her voice, the judges needed to hear more. 

The judges then asked her to sing At Last and Katy Perry on American Idol helped her open up her voice as she sang her high notes. They were slightly more impressed with her work on Etta James’ “At Last.”

Katy Perry embraced motherhood last year in August and being a mom has taught her many things. On Sunday’s American Idol, the singer explained how motherhood made her rethink some long-held ideas about how many kids she wanted in the first place.

One of the first auditions of the Sunday night saw two teenage siblings, Liahona and Ammon, giving it their all.

When the young duo, who were performing together but gave their audition separately with an original song they wrote, revealed that they were born “exactly one year apart.”

“That means a lot of recovery [time],” Luke Bryan joked, referring to their mom. That’s when Katy Perry laughingly shot back said, “No! No recovery!”

“I used to wish for twins, and then I finally had a child, and I go, [that’s] crazy,” Perry said. They then revealed that they are the oldest of eight children, and Perry looked mortified.

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