Lucifer Season 6 Review: The Final Chapter Pulls Out All The Stops To Impress

A fitting ending

Let’s get this out of the way first- Lucifer Season 5 was a terrible mess of filler episodes and pointlessly dragged storylines that continued far beyond the point where they should have been buried and done with. At the time, the prospect of sitting through another season of the Heaven-Hell drama felt close to pure punishment for being fans of the show for its first four seasons. But while Season 5 made us wish for a speedy conclusion to the whole Devil-on-Earth plotline, Lucifer Season 6 successfully reminds us why it was saved by Netflix in the first place. 

Last we saw dear Lucy, he had defeated his brother Michael and became the rightful ruler of Heaven i.e., the new God. Chloe died but was brought back to life. Maze realized that she doesn’t need a soul as she is already growing one, all on her own. Dan is killed by the criminal Le Mec and for some weird reason, ends up in hell though he stresses that he has dealt with his guilt. Lucifer decided to ascend to Heaven with Chloe by his side, who chooses to retire from her career as a detective. Now, Lucifer Season 6 makes sure to resolve every old and new twist that has been introduced in the show and that’s all we can tell you about its storyline because spoiling the season for you with any more details would be akin to sin.

While Lucifer Season 6 more than revives the glory of its initial chapters, some aspects of it were still as stale as they had been for the last few years. We are of course talking about the irksome eternal crisis that Lucifer has been stuck in since the series started- his aversion to taking on responsibility and accepting his true feelings. While it was interesting to see the novel concept of The Devil struggling with morality-related concepts initially, its continued presence, without any engaging upgrades soon made it an annoying part of the show. Whether it is the snail-pace speed of Lucifer accepting that he cares about others or him stubbornly sticking to being a poster child of daddy issues, the Devil’s road to redemption hasn’t been exactly alluring. 

Additionally, the continued dramatic Chloe-Lucifer cliches, where they blame each other for hiding secrets, telling lies, and ignoring the elephant in the room, doesn’t really spice up the main storyline of Lucifer Season 6. But again, unlike Season 5, this time the mini storylines, the distractions are more than worth getting tangled into and are even better than the above-mentioned done-to-death plots arcs, which are so not interesting anymore. Whether it is the matter of Dan’s crisis in Hell, Ella’s shaky faith in God, Ameneiel’s career as a police officer, Maze and Eve’s future, or the fresh pot of delicious troubles that Lucifer brews especially for its final season, Season 6 really does pull out all stops in ensuring that we sorely feel the absence of the Devil and his unique motley crew of angels, demons, humans, and more. Ah, we would holler for more seasons, but this was one fitting ending for the amazing journey (sans Season 5) that Lucifer has been. 

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