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Mahira Sharma Evicted, Top 6 Finalists In The Race Of Becoming Bigg Boss 13 Winner Reminisce Their Journey

Last night’s episode began with the eviction of Mahira Sharma from the show, ending her chances of becoming Bigg Boss 13 winner. Mahira broke down and was hugged by Paras as she told him how the eviction has shattered her dreams as she wanted to be in the top 5.. After she bids farewell and takes leave from everyone, the remaining housemates embark on their nostalgic journey in the BB house via a montage of videos, presenting the major highlights of their time as Bigg Boss 13’s participant.

The first to reminisce about her journey is Arti Singh

Bigg Boss played her video while complimenting her on her journey of becoming a strong, independent individual. Her clip started with her entry in the BB house and being the target of comments and criticism. Then came a sea of transformation as Arti started enjoying the tasks, her budding friendship with Sidharth Shukla, her standing up for herself and refusing to let any comments beat her confidence.  

Arti Singh grew emotional after seeing her memorable journey, while the audience cheered for her. 

Sidharth Shukla is complimented by Bigg Boss on being real

Bigg Boss started Sidharth Shukla’s montage by teasing him about wearing the same t-shirt and shorts the entire season. Sidharth was complimented for being like he is, in real life, and not pretending in order to be Bigg Boss 13 winner. He was reminded of the friendships he has forged in the house and praised him for the emotional tenderness he has for his mom. 

His clip showed his fights, being called aggressive, his bond with Shehnaaz Gill, his friendship and subsequent fall out with Asim Riaz, getting emotional, and his passion for the tasks. Bigg Boss praised him again for practically running this season.

Next up was Asim Riaz, who was greeted by Bigg Boss amidst cheers from the audience

Bigg Boss complimented Asim Riaz for maintaining his winning streak no matter how tough the competition to be Bigg Boss 13 winner became. In fact, he even found love! 

The clip of Asim’s journey showed his fight with the housemates, especially with Paras in the beginning and Sidharth Shukla almost always coming in between to take Asim’s side and calm him down. 

The clips then shift to his aggressive fights with Sidharth, meeting his brother, and his love story with Himanshi Khurana. Bigg Boss praised Asim for becoming popular in a small amount of time. 

Bigg Boss praised Rashami Desai for being loyal to Arhaan even when he wasn’t

He praised Rashami Desai and the strength of her character when she didn’t try to exact revenge on Arhaan by maligning his image. He then showed the clips of her fights with Sidharth, her breaking down, leaving the BB house, Arhaan’s entry, her fights with others, Arhaan proposing, Salman breaking the news of his marriage and child, her niece and nephew visiting her, etc. She was wiping tears by the end of it and was praised by Bigg Boss for playing like a “star”.

Shehnaaz Gill witnessed how she entered the house as a nobody and is a star now

Bigg Boss called Shehnaaz Gill an entertainer with many fans and the life of the house. He lauded her for not being afraid to show her emotions. The video of her journey included everything from her fun banter with the inmates, being betrayed by Paras, her passion for the tasks, her budding bond with Sidharth Shukla, etc. The clip ended with Bigg Boss assuring her that whether she becomes Bigg Boss 13 winner or not, this season will always be remembered by her name. 

As Bigg Boss said, Paras Chhabra has won the hearts of many

Bigg Boss praises Paras Chhabra for bringing twists into the game while nursing an equally emotional temperament. The clip began with Paras being a ladies’ man as he flirted with both Mahira and Sehnaaz, his deteriorating friendship with Shehnaz Gill, getting close to Mahira Sharma, his mom entering the house and his budding friendship with Sidharth Shukla.

Bigg Boss next praise him for winning the hearts of many and wished him luck for the finale on 15th February. 

While the announcement of Bigg Boss 13 winner is upon us, this is not the last time you’ll be seeing your favorite housemates

Yep, a promo of Shehnaaz Gill and Paras Chhabra starrer reality show was recently launched. The duo will be organizing a Swyamvar, wherein they both will look for a potential partner to get married to while being locked in the same house with 6 suitors each. 

Reportedly, this show, titled Mujse Shaadi Karoge, will span across 13 weeks with guest appearances by Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla. 

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