Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 Review: Looks Like The Perfect Ending Does Exist!

The end of an era

To be honest, we didn’t exactly have high hopes from Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 given that we found Part 1 such an utter snoozefest with its monotonous plotline that was dragged across five episodes. But Jesus Colmenar and the amazing cast (which is thankfully back to form) seems to have pulled all stops to ensure that the thrilling heist story they kicked off, ended with one hell of a spectacular conclusion. 

The last five episodes of Money Heist Season 5 pick up where Part 1 left us hanging- Tokyo is dead, the team is still stuck in the Bank of Spain with no hope of any possible help on the horizon, and Sierra is in a temporary truce with the Professor after she is declared a traitor. We already know that the ultimate showdown isn’t the team getting apprehended by Tamayo finally, after all, the trailer wouldn’t just give away its golden egg, now would it? While we would love to give a blow-by-blow account of the marvelous twists that our beloved Professor and the cunning Sierra pull out of the blue, we don’t want to take away the chance for your jaw to hit the floor by the mind-blowing finale. 

Let us warn you beforehand, if you start watching Money Heist Season 5 expecting the action to be on par with what the past seasons, especially Part 1 of the last chapter, served, you are in for a major disappointment. But the war of intellect and wittiness, which the finale is practically bubbling with, more than makes up for the lack of action sequences with its unique brand of nail-biting thrill. And after the breakneck and often pointless shootout scenes in the first part, it is a relief to see the finale return to its roots. 

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The Money Heist Season 5 finale episodes had a lot resting on its shoulders- wrap up the Bank of Spain heist with a decisive conclusion, tie up all the loose ends, explain how the Professor planned the heist in the first place, the tricks he obviously had up his sleeves while being exceptionally impressive with its surprising twists. And even as the five episodes meticulously lay out the years of planning that went into setting up the heist and explains everything in detail, it manages to keep the palpable tension flowing, giving its viewers countless reasons to obsess over its every detail to find out what is actually happening.

When Money Heist Season 5 started, we had made our peace with fact that every good thing comes to an end and the once enthralling series too has reached its saturation point. While we were still reeling from Nairobi’s death, given the abysmal Part 1 and its sluggishly dragged plotline we couldn’t wait to finally bid farewell to the Professor, Lisbon, Tokyo, Palermo, Rio, and the rest of the team. But after this mind-bending finale, we couldn’t help but hope for one more, brilliantly executed heist. *sigh* At least, we will get to meet Berlin again in the upcoming spinoff series based on the fan-favorite character. 

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