Never Have I Ever Season 2 Cast Breaks Down The Love Triangle In The Show

Team Paxton vs Team Ben vs ?

After enjoying a stellar reception of its Season 1, Never Have I Ever Season 2 is now on its path to beat its own record. The new season brings a fresh batch of comedy, drama, and romance, especially as Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) begins navigating the emotional and dramatic minefield i.e., her love triangle with Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jaren Lewison). But apparently, according to the Never Have I Ever cast, this complicated situation isn’t a triangle anymore, it’s a “malleable shape.”

Season 1 of Never Have I Ever ended with the question of who Devi will choose- Paxton or Ben as she was attracted towards both of them. Never Have I Ever Season 2 is swift in answering this query as we see Devi trying to balance dating both the guys at the same time without letting them know about each other. This doesn’t last long as both of them find out her plan but Devi realizes her mistake and apologizes to Paxton and Ben. Soon, she gets into a “situationship” with Paxton, while Ben finds love in Aneesa. 

This situationship doesn’t last long either as Devi soon realizes that she deserves a real relationship, not Paxton weaving in and out of her bedroom window to make out with her. Fortunately, when she confronts Paxton with the same, he is ready to commit. But just as we thought that the whole Team Paxton vs Team Ben has been resolved, we see Ben possibly having second thoughts about leaving Devi. 

So, according to Never Have I Ever Season 2’s cast, the love triangle of Devi, Paxton, and Ben is not “a triangle anymore” but has a “malleable shape.”

But at least, for the time being, Devi and Paxton are officially boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of Never Have I Ever Season 2. And Barnet shared in a chat with Variety that he wants to see how his character adjusts to this new status. 

“It’s gonna be interesting seeing how he handles being in a relationship,” shared the actor. “Or not. And how he handles doing things very much against the grain in terms of the social expectations, and what people have always expected of Paxton. He’s in very different shoes. I want to see how he walks in them.”

While the whole who is the “one” has been renewed, both Barnet and Lewison are aware that the most significant part about Never Have I Ever Season 2 was Devi identifying her own thoughts and opinions. 

“She’s the one that’s standing up to Paxton or taking responsibility for her actions, and I think that it’s really interesting to see that,” Lewison added. “I think that our show is about self love and maturity and growth. You have to love yourself, and know who you are before you try to get into different relationships, otherwise things do get messy, which we see.”

“Whatever happiness or sense of security or confidence that you’re trying to find in someone else, it’s never going to exist there until it exists inside of you,” Barnet shared. “And I think the show, being Team Devi [or] being Team Yourself is very important because you can search for that high and low, wherever you want, but it resides in you. And everything else can only be a complement to that.”

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