‘Nothing Is As It Seems’ In Hugh Grant And Nicole Kidman’s Cliffhangers-Riddled The Undoing

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The upcoming HBO thriller The Undoing will bring many hit reunions that have worked wonders in the past. For starters, Nicole Kidman is reuniting with David E. Kelley with whom she worked on the Emmy-winning HBO series Big Little Lies. This latest whodunit series will also bring former co-stars or better former villains, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant who have starred as hilariously funny villains in the 2018 sequel to 2015’s Paddington. 

And now these two separate wonder teams have united to bring a six-episode limited series The Undoing, based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s 2014 novel “You Should Have Known,” that is full of twists that you will never see coming!

The miniseries will see Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser, an expensive Manhattan therapist and she is married to Hugh Grant’s Jonathan, who has a successful career as a child oncologist. The couple lives in New York’s Upper East Side with their teenage son Henry (Noah Jupe) who is in a prestigious school. But Grace’s peaceful life is suddenly upended when a young mother (Matilda De Angelis) is brutally killed after a fundraiser event at the school and Jonathan goes missing the very day, raising doubts that he is the culprit. 

And if Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are to be believed, the story will unfold in The Undoing in a series of twist and shocking cliffhangers that will keep you second-guessing.

“It is meant to be a ride, and it’s been particularly constructed so that each episode ends in a (cliffhanger),” shared Kidman with USA Today. Also on board as executive producer and singer of the series’ title theme song, the 53-year-old actress couldn’t be more impressed with Kelley’s style of narration. “Don’t believe anything you get told. Nothing is what it seems.” 

For Grant, 60, The Undoing is even more poignant as he went back on his decision to quit acting to be its part. He shared that what enticed him was the striking use of elements that are remnants of Alfred Hitchcock’s style of movie-making. As for his character, Jonathan, Grant “liked the sense of, can this be for real? He’s too wonderful, this man. Is there something we’re not seeing? Then the layers of the onion come off quite fast in subsequent episodes.” 

“The cliffhangers are beyond genius,” Grant told The Washington Post. “The way I can really judge is that when I was reading the scripts, did I want to quickly pick up the next one? And the answer was always ‘Yes.’ And that’s very rare.” 

After he wrapped up Big Little Lies, he approached Kidman with the drafts for the first two episodes of The Undoing and like Grant, she was instantly hooked. For her, it was a “roller-coaster journey” where she did not know “what was going to happen.” 

Starring Nicole Kidman, David Sutherland, Hugh Grant, and Noah Jupe, The Undoing will begin airing on HBO from 25th October.

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