Paul Bettany Understands Marvel Studios’ Love For Secrecy, But It’s Still ‘Frustrating’

The “don’t talk about it” policy

Marvel Studios and their penchant for extreme secrecy- now, that’s something its die-hard fans are well aware of. But imagine the tough procedure that its cast has to follow as many actors have often admitted that they weren’t even aware of the role they were auditioning for until they signed an NDA and received the script. In fact, many don’t even get the complete script, just pages for a particular scene while the rest of the plot is kept hidden. And according to Paul Bettany, MCU’s Vision, this secrecy practiced by Marvel Studios is a “frustrating process” but he “really understands” it. 

“Yeah, it’s great. I mean, it’s a frustrating process, but one I really understand and really believe in. I think that Marvel, Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, they all have a very, you know, they have a strict ‘don’t talk about it’ policy, which I really can get behind. I come from a family – my dad was an actor, my mom was a singer – and my mom and dad always had this thing, you never show people the costumes before the curtain goes up, you know? Don’t show people how the magic trick is done. And so, I kind of, I love that about Marvel, that they’re so… that they really hold on their secrets and so it can be really enjoyable for the fans. But yes, it is frustrating, and now it does feel a relief to be able to discuss it,” Paul Bettany shared in a chat with Angélique Roché for ACE Universe Presents: A Conversation with Paul Bettany (via ComicBook) when asked about his take on the extreme methods used by Marvel Studios to keep things under a tight wrap. 

But the secrecy thing was not the only part that took Paul Bettany some time getting used to when it comes to Marvel Studios. While the costumes worn by the actors as Marvel superheroes look amazing onscreen, it isn’t exactly comfortable especially when one has to shoot for hours before getting the opportunity to get out of them. In his interview, Bettany recalled a similar incident on set when he “flipped out” while trying to get out of Vision’s tight costume. 

“I guess I had one time where I flipped out on set and I just went ‘somebody has to help me get out of this suit,’ and they pulled it down and everybody was really lovely,” Bettany shared. “It’s so embarrassing to talk about because obviously you’re getting paid to wear an uncomfortable suit but after five days in a row of just being encased in this thing you’re like ‘I gotta get it off my chest.’ I sat there for like five, ten minutes just breathing, and then we went back into it and it was fine. That was the one time I think I flipped out. I’m mostly kind of chill, calm.”

It remains to be seen whether Paul Bettany will be donning his new costume as White Vision as the actor has revealed that currently, he holds no active contracts with Marvel Studios. But given the fact that while Vision is dead in the MCU, the White Vision gained the former’s memories in the WandaVision finale and is still out there. So, even if Bettany is lying to stick to the Marvel secrecy quotient or there really is no contract yet, we certainly have not seen the last of White Vision. 

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