Reality Steve Spills The Tea On The Bachelor’s Season 25 ‘Women Tell All’

Who does Matt James pick, what to expect when the ‘Women Tell All’ and an unexpected appearance- Everything happening this season!

Reality Steve has given some intel into the Bachelor’s ‘Women Tell All’ episode which was filmed on February 4 . *Spoilers ahead*

Realty Steve has given all the spoilers for the episode of ‘Women Tell All,’ which will premiere within the next month, sharing names of women who will be featuring on the special telecast.

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Matt James’ season of The Bachelor was already unusual with a first Black Bachelor, but now the season is taking some unexpected turns.

We already expected a whirlwind of a season, but with all the drama brewing, the ‘Women Tell All’ episode would surely be entertainment packed.

What did Reality Steve reveal in his spoilers for the ‘Women Tell All’?

The finale of Matt James’ The Bachelor is set to premiere on March 15, which means we’re just a month away from the much-anticipated episode.

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Reality Steve has already scoured through the social media pages of the women who had appeared on the show. Reality Steve looked for evidence of SoCal travels and shared who was there for filming of the ‘Women Tell All’ episode.

“I don’t have the details of it yet, but, on Friday a bunch of the girls went back on their IG’s and were clearly in Southern California, so there’s at least a few that we know were at the WTA based on those IG posts. The ones I noticed were: MJ, Katie, Pieper, Abigail, Anna, Chelsea, Sarah, and Serena C… So those are just a few names I have for you of those who were in attendance. When I get more info, I’ll pass it along,” he shared.

Addressing the Jessenia and MJ feud, Reality Steve wrote, “Can’t wait to see if MJ actually sees her ways and apologizes or doubles down on her behavior.”

Sounds like the “Women Tell All” could be the perfect opp for her? Victoria Larson or Queen Vikki, one of the most villainous contestant on the show and Reality Steve has confirmed she will be coming back for the special episode.

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Unlike the other women posting from L.A., Victoria was off Instagram. “Victoria deleted her IG last week, but it resurfaced last night, so there wasn’t any IG evidence that she was there, but she was. I believe also that Serena P was there, and we know she finished 4th,” Reality Steve shared.

Reality Steve also shared a piece of crucial information on who could be the next Bachelorette.

“However, the fact is that Katie will be the ‘Bachelorette’ and that announcement is coming ‘soon’ from what I’m told. ‘Soon’ in Bachelor-speak could be today and it could be two weeks from now. It’s hard to tell. But everything I’m told is it’s Katie who will be ‘Bachelorette.’ I don’t see them changing their mind on this one.”

What is happening on the show right now?

An unexpected appearance on the episode that aired on February 15 took everybody by shock when alum Heather Martin joined the race to win Matt James’ heart.

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The 25-year-old former contestant, Heather Martin, from Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ sent some gasps when she appeared on the episode, which was cut off right when she approached Matt James.

Heather Martin decided to join the race on the suggestion of Hannah Brown, another contestant whom she befriended on the show. Hannah Brown is friends with Tyler Cameron and Matt James. Heather Martin revealed to host Chris Harrison that Hannah Brown sparked the idea for her to join The Bachelor, suggesting that Matt James and Heather Martin could make a good pair.

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Matt was understandably caught off guard. “She’s been so bold in how she’s pursuing me,” he said. “Up until the point where I’m engaged, I don’t want to leave this with any doubts,” he stated. The women though were not very pleased to see her when they pointed out she was “Bachelor hopping,” and that she “wasn’t ready for an engagement”, which sent the social media influencer to tears.   

Did Matt James pick Heather Martin?

Matt James explained, “But when someone I respect, like Hannah, who knows me and dated my best friend and knows what I’m looking for, puts her stamp of approval on somebody…that carries a lot of weight with me. Everything Hannah shared with me regarding Heather, it sounds like she checks a lot of those boxes.”

“Hannah wouldn’t send you here without knowing you’re someone I could be with. That’s why this is hard for me. With where we’re at, being this deep into the process, I don’t know how it could work. I know it’s not what you want to hear and it’s hard to say because of everything I’ve heard about you,” he told Heather Martin.

Hannah Brown and Matt James

Finally, Matt made his decision and pulled Heather aside to let her know that he couldn’t pursue a relationship with her at this point. After sending Heather home, Matt James announced that Heather Martin would not be able to join the other women because he has “strong feelings” for the women already there.

So, who did Matt James pick?

In the rose ceremony Matt James sent Chelsea and Serena C. home.

Matt James moved on to have a one-on-one tantric yoga date with Serena P. whom he later gave a rose because he “appreciated that Serena was authentic.” Matt James initially admitted to having a connection with Abigail, but his feelings couldn’t catch up so he sent her home.

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He also gave a group date rose to Rachael. Matt James and Rachael later went to a private concert.

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Kit Keenan, however, asked to leave the show since the timeline for marriage and  kids would be delayed since she had career goals to accomplish first.

Matt joined Jessenia for a one-to-one date, where she confessed “falling in love with him.” However, Matt admitted not feeling compatible with her and later sent her and another contestant, Pieper, back home.

Finally, Matt James picked Bri, Michelle, Rachael, and Serena P. as his picks for the hometown dates.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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