Rebel Wilson Has The ‘Pooch Perfect’ Plan For Our Furry Friends And Us

Unleashing all the cuteness!

Rebel Wilson is bringing to us a new doggone Good Dog Grooming Show, Pooch Perfect and we’re here for it.

Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect will make its debut on March 30 on ABC. Wilson will play the host while ten talented dog groomers and their assistants compete in a series of creative and “paw-some themed” challenges.

Pooch Perfect

During each week of the show, the teams will face off in grooming transformations, which they will then show off in a special dog walk. Celebrity judges Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky, and Dr. Callie Harris vote on the adorable creations and ultimately force one team back to the doghouse every week. The top three teams at the end would compete for a $100,000 prize and “Pooch Perfect” first place trophy.

We might get to see some of these cute pups transformed into a favorite season or a fairy.

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In a statement issued by Rebel Wilson to ABC she detailed, “Our groomers are not only great with dogs and with general standard grooming, they’re also very artistic. And they create these masterpieces using only the dog as their canvas.”

“Not only are there dogs galore in this show. It’s a show about some amazing human beings.” Rebel further explained how the contestants have very inspiring stories. “I’ve fallen just as much in love with them as I have with all the really cute dogs on the show. You have funniness, a lot of heart and very cute pooches.”

With a diverse variety of contestants, the competition would be extra special. There’s a mother and son team who demonstrate unconditional love. A pair of fiancés support each other’s dreams. There are mentors and mentees who show what it means to elevate those around you.

Surprisingly, Rebel does not own any dogs outside of the show. Neither does she have any other pets. Rebel explained to Forbes that despite growing up with dogs she’s allergic to them. However, it hasn’t stopped her from being the face of Pooch Perfect.

Regardless of her being allergic to dogs, Rebel hails from a family of dog groomers. “As a fourth-generation dog shower, she brought her extensive experience and knowledge to the competition, all the while keeping the contestants in good spirits and laughing pretty much all day long,” Pooch Perfect executive producer Elan Gale stated while talking about the show.

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