Selena + Chef Review: Fan Of Selena Gomez Or Not, You’re In For Delicious Treats

A great companion for your cooking trysts.

For better or worse, the lockdown has coerced our inner chef to come and out and try our hands at feeding ourselves with delicacies we were earlier more than happy to order in. So, whether it is setting your curtains on fire or whipping out a dish that would have earned you a rare Gordon Ramsay smile, many of us boldly went where we had never gone before- the kitchen. And while we are still learning how to not forget that we have left our food on a burner, Selena Gomez is busy turning out some mean French omelettes and other mouth-watering dishes in her recently released celebrity cooking show Selena + Chef.

Every episode of Selena + Chef begins with the same tagline- “making a meal together… apart”- with that big dramatic pause which doesn’t seem to be ditching its annoying quality. So, nope no chances of at least the tagline gaining any brownie points. But as for the rest of the episode? Consider us impressed and in awe of the fact that of all people who could have nailed being a first-time host and an endearing (if not skilled) chef, it turned out to be Selena Gomez.

There is no dearth of cooking shows, so what sets Selena + Chef apart? For starters, everything in it is eventually virtual- Selena Gomez cooks in her fancy kitchen with the help of her friends and roommates, while renowned chefs in Los Angeles guide her through a giant tv-setup that allows them to interact with the singer. 

All the chefs can do is see her progress and well, her silly mishaps before they are able to stop her! At the beginning of Selena + Chef, Gomez clarifies that she is no chef, admitting that she can’t cook well nor does she enjoy it much. And that adds to the charm of the show- she is good enough that you will be genuinely interested in trying to make the dish yourself and at points, so bad that she is downright hilarious. 

Maybe it is all show but Gomez pulls it off with ease and comes out as a relatable human who detests cooking and is having a hard time whipping up some edible food under the watchful eyes of a skilled chef. Remember your mom breathing down your neck as you nervously stoked a pan with butter, doubtful whether that mushroom frittata would survive your “expertise?”

The episodes progress in much the same way, with the chefs detailing their techniques, their love for cooking, and other aspects, which are not always connected to the theme of the show but are nevertheless engaging. The chefs so far have been chef Ludo Lefebvre- known for his pop-up restaurant LudoBites in Los Angeles- and Top Chef’s chef Antonia Lofaso known for her restaurant DAMA in L.A. Every episode ends with the guest chef highlighting a charity they support and Gomez sharing that Selena + Gomez will be donating $10,000 to each organization.

The only offside of Selena + Gomez is the recipes that Gomez picks are not only difficult and time-consuming, but the ingredients are also pretty expensive. But if all these issues are not a problem to you and you are ready to jump headfirst into trying all the new complicated dishes, Selena + Chef is shaping up to be a great companion. 

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