Sex Education Season 3 Review: An Evil Headmistress, Heartbreaks, And High Emotions

Perhaps the only school you’ll ever like

Since its inception, Netflix’s Sex Education has been the kind of rare high school comedy-drama that managed to be a surprisingly smooth balance of everything from mushy, overindulging into theatrics, imparting serious wisdom, and being downright relatable to its viewers no matter whether their age matches the demographic of the characters the story is focused on. And while such exceptions tend to get stale with time as they get stuck in the inevitable rut of repetition, Sex Education Season 3 has proven that it has countless more interesting stories and characters up its sleeve, and it will be a long, very long time before it runs out of its supercharged ammo of good storytelling and exceptional character arcs. 

Sex Education Season 3 picks up where Season 2 ended- With Mr. Groff removed as the school administrator and Moordale School stamped by the media with the label of being a “sex school,” the authorities bring in the formidable headmistress Hope Haddon. Her mission is to revamps the school’s image and to achieve her goals she is ready to be as ruthless and insensitive as possible. But surprisingly, instead of turning into a major dictatorial teacher-student drama, we get to see the students of Moordale first questioning their own identities, which in turn makes us do some internal inspection as well. But then, when their super willpower trumps the atrocities they are unjustly being subjected to, they rebel in ways that make it impossible to take even mini-breaks between episodes because hey! who knows what they will do next!

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There are new love triangles in Sex Education Season 3 and unexpected people come together while the most perfect pairs drift apart but again, not even for a second is there the faintest vibe of a teen drama gone stale unlike other Netflix films and shows along similar lines. While Otis’ character is still in the picture and his life is as complicated (perhaps more) like it always has been, the focus has now shifted (in good ways) to other equally interesting characters like Amiee, Eric, Adam, Rahim, Jackson, Ruby, Olivia, Vivi, etc, thus allowing the show to once again prove in many ways that it is much, so much more than just a story about horny teenagers. 

As we said, there are too many characters with major storylines this time. And yes, it will take time to get used to the fact that Sex Education Season 3 has made everyone’s story important, whether it Otis’ relationship woes, Viv Odusanya’s desperation for perfection, the stifled aspirations of Lily, or the admirable Cal Bowman. But this overcrowded storyline is surprisingly not a bad thing. Oh, no, no, it’s the opposite as everyone amps up their amazing to such high standards of impressive that it’s hard to not get involved in every emotion running pretty high on and off the grounds of Moordale Secondary School. And while the story has its share of worthy villains, their vulnerable sides make it hard to outrightly hate them for their actions. Season 3 introduces the gray shades of many characters and makes it impossible to not relate. But beware, the happy endings are few and far in between, and the show ends on a cliffhanger where everyone’s, note- “everyone,” future is at stake. 

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