Six Emmy Awards 2019 Nominated Shows You Should Binge-Watch ASAP If You Haven’t Already

These will literally sweep you off your feet!

The 71st annual Primetime Emmy Awards are just around the corner, people! And the way the competition is, the stakes are high and so is our ever-building anticipation of who will take away the golden statue. We already know that both Netflix and HBO have racked in the highest number of shows and how Game of Thrones and Veep (both concluded with their last seasons this year) have one last shot at taking home Emmys but there are some pretty amazing shows to give them tough competition. No wonder the tension is running so high!

Well, leave the nail-biting session for September 23, when you will be graced with the live telecast of the Emmy Awards. But meanwhile, have you wondered how you are going to react when shows apart from the ones you have already watched on repeat, take the Emmy? You haven’t even watched half the shows on the nominated list, which have the potential to literally sweep you off your feet!

 Feeling left out? Not anymore, for we’ve selected the most talked-about series to get your binge on before the Emmy Awards hit your screens.  

  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
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Stream on: Amazon Prime Video

Set in the ’50s, the series follows the story of a young housewife and mother, Midge Maisel, and how she discovers her natural talent for stand-up comedy, as she navigates her way through rampant sexism, romantic hell, and obligations as a daughter and a mother. Last year, the show earned a total of five Emmys and this year, the show has been nominated in 22 categories and has hopes of taking away the Best Comedy Series award. family obligations, and romantic troubles. 

  • Russian doll 
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Stream on: Netflix

Since its debut in 2019, Russian Doll has been one hell of a ride that has taken its viewers by a storm. A much improved and innovatively crafted version of the Groundhog’s Day, Russian Doll perfectly combines science fiction and drama, expertly layering it with comedy, as it follows the strange life of Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) who keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday and thus, she is frantically trying to figure out the biggest ‘why’ of her life. 

  • Barry
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Stream on: HBO and Hotstar

The sole reason you should just start watching is Bill Hader, the star comedian who is a brilliant actor with a captivating presence on screen as well. The show follows the tragically comic life of Barry, a hitman from Ohio who travels to Los Angeles to kill someone, but the city instead makes him realize his love for acting, for which he is ready to quit his ‘illustrious’ career as a hired killer. The show holds six nominations at the Emmys and has high chances of taking them’ll home!

  • Dead To Me
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Stream on: Netflix

This is another Netflix original you’ll fall in love with if you haven’t already. A deadly combination of the consequences of secrets and middle-age issues, the tragic comedy show provides a real glimpse into how different people process grief differently. The stars of the show, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, are two women surviving and on the way to actually live their life after sustaining some life-altering losses. Drama, comedy, secrets- what else do you want. 

  • When they see us
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Stream on: Netflix

Nominated for the first time, that too with a smashing total of 16, Netflix’s latest gift to us is a miniseries directed by Ava DuVernay and based on 1989’s controversial case of the Central Park Five and its aftermath. The stellar cast expertly tells the tale of five boys, victims of the corrupt and cruel system and what they truly are under the garb of being forced to the society that shuns them 

  • Killing Eve
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Stream on: Amazon Prime Video or BBC America’s website

A foreign intelligence operative focused on pursuing an infamous assassin- sounds like a dark plot, ha? But this brilliant script manages to be quirky and nails at being hilarious at the same time. Holding 4 nominations in the prestigious Emmy Awards, the show is practically beckoning you to join its horde of dedicated fans transfixed by the never-boring dynamic drama between investigator Eve Polastri and psychotic assassin Villanelle.

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