Stranger Things Season 4 Crazy Theories: Eleven To Turn Evil?

And what if it isn’t the real Hopper?

Is Hopper really dead? How will Eleven recover her powers? The Byers left Hawkins, is it forever? What’s the deal with the Russian lab?- and a trillion more questions that have been bombarding the tiny confines of our brain after Stranger Things Season 3 ended. With countless dangling plot threads and very little info shared by the Duffer Brothers about the elusive Stranger Things Season 4, fans have been cooking up pretty probable theories of what is to come. 

Eleven turns evil and is the next baddy Stranger Things Season 4 will tackle

There have been some fan theories floating around that Eleven has been infected by the Mind Flayer when a part of its flesh got stuck on her leg, which will eventually turn her dark. 

And there is the mysterious tweet by the writing team of Stranger Things, who gave lyrics to Florence and The Machine song, Cosmic Love, which narrates the story of a person going dark while searching for someone in the darkness. 

This subtle tip could hint towards Eleven setting out in search of Hopper and in the process recovering her powers but not before being overcome by the dark side. 

Hopper is not alive and the one we saw in the Season 4 teaser is actually a clone

While the teaser of Stranger Things Season 4 does raise the hope that Hopper somehow survived, there exists the theory that the man we saw forced into manual labor in Russia is not the real Hopper, but a clone of the detective. 

Just like it happened in the case of Billy Hargrove and Will Byers, it is possible that the Hopper in Russia was just a clone controlled by the Mind Flayer. After all, it is Stranger Things we are talking about- nothing is ever as it looks like.

Will’s subconscious created the Upside Down.

As per a particular theory by a Reddit user, Will Byers was experimented on as a child by the Hawkins Lab as his father allowed it to happen in exchange for money. This could have given him the power to create worlds, yet unknown to even him. 

This theory would explain things like how Will survived in the Upside Down after being there for the entirety of Season 1, why didn’t he become monster chow the moment he set foot? The only person to have survived other than Will, is Eleven who has powers- kind of an obvious vice versa situation there. 

Also, when he was in Hawkins Lab, he had claimed that the monster wants to kill everyone except him and that “Shadow in the sky… was coming for me”, hinting that the creatures of Upside Down are possibly trying to bring back their creator.

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