Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Is Here, Seems Like There Are More

Fans, You can expect 2 more teasers!

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things, now in season 4, has already released a teaser in 2020, and here comes the second one. The series revolves around a gang of friends, Eleven ( played by Millie Bobby Brown), Mike ( played by Finn Wolfhard ), Dustin ( played by Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas ( played by Caleb McLaughlin), Will ( played by Noah Schnapp), Nancy ( played by Natalia Dyer) and many more. The gang workaround mysterious happenings in Hawkins. Set in the 1980s, the series was a hit with a huge fan base.

Newest Stranger Things 4 Teaser

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The Stranger Things 4 trailer starts with ominous music and the ticking of the clock. The sound of children laughing fades when a scientist who is addressed as papa enters. Dr. Martin Brenner, who was assumed dead after season 1 was shown in season 3 but disappeared when the Russian Scientists became the primary enemies. He walks in and says, “Good Morning children” to which the kids greet him back. Later he asks them, “How are you today?” to which they respond, “Good papa.” He, later on, continues to say, “Good, I’m glad to hear it. Because today, I have something very special planned for you.”

Later, the camera moves over to focus on room 11. The scientist asks, “Eleven are you listening?” after which Millie Bobby Brown opens her eyes panting in fear. Fans are now confused if it is indeed eleven’s backstory or has she been captured again for experimentation. The first Stranger Things 4 teaser absolved our fears about Hopper’s death. And now in the recent one, we get to know more about Eleven. Watch it for yourself here.

Fans react to the Teaser

We get the idea that not all fans like the teaser. As one Twitter user tweeted, “I woke up, did morning routines, opened Twitter, watched the stranger things 4 trailer, lost all hope. full thoughts later I need to take this exam.” Another user was excited about the arrival, “it looks like they’re gonna drop the stranger things season 4 trailer this week. EVERYBODY MOVE. “

Since the teaser is named 002/004, it’s safe to say that we have 2 more teasers on the way. There is no precise date on the season 4 premiere but all the other seasons of Stranger Things have been released over the summer. In conclusion, fingers crossed!

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