Ted Lasso Season 2 Review: Old Magic But With A New Twist

Ted Lasso is back!

Just last week, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso was nominated for 20 Emmys, which includes nominations for seven main characters of the show. If that isn’t proof enough of how mind-bogglingly awesome the Jason Sudeikis starrer series is and you need some more convincing, then go on, watch Ted Lasso’s recently released Season 2, and experience how amazing being proven wrong can be. 

(Mild spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso Season 2)

While the last season of Ted Lasso ended with AFC Richmond losing to Manchester City but not losing hoping, thanks to their coach Ted Lasso. The second season of the show begins with Richmond having tied in the last six matches. In the seventh match, just as Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernandez) is trying to make the winning goal, he accidentally ends up hitting Richmond’s greyhound mascot Earl and kills him. Yep, just like that, Season 2 sets the stage in a way that proves that this ain’t anything like Season 1.

Till now, Ted Lasso was the answer. Despite being regarded as someone who lacks the needed experience and finesses to be a coach, Ted earned everyone’s respect and friendship. For the first season, he was the by default psychiatrist for everyone, solving problems with its sometimes grating optimism and positive outlook when it came to presumably unsolvable problems. But that changes in this season. 

This time Ted Lasso has a problem that he, surprise-surprise, can not solve with a positive attitude and some funny quips. And something tells us, this won’t be the last problem he won’t be able to crack. This time, it is the star player of his team who is drowning in guilt and has what is called the case of the “Yips,” where he loses his basic skills as an athlete due to the trauma of accidentally killing Earl. And the evil that is social media is so not helping him forget the incident. With his mightly powers failing to bring back Dani from the edge, in comes the latest addition to the Apple TV+ series, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) as a sports psychiatrist who is already on her way to replace Ted as the team’s morale booster. While the first episode only hints at Ted’s apparent unease with Sharon, who by the way converses with the team players in their different native languages, it is obvious that the two will come to clash before they become friends as it’s not just their “vibe” that doesn’t match. 

Kudos definitely goes to the series’ writers for not getting stuck in the rut of “if it was a success, let’s continuing repeating it till it loses its charm” trick most tv shows have a habit of following. They could have continued pitching the Ted Lasso of Season 1, after all, it did end up earning 20 Emmy nominations, which means that they did something amazingly right. But thankfully, the show’s success has only prompted its creators to fine-tune it and ensure that its viewers stick around not just because of the promise of quality but to find something unique enough to engage them. Ted Lasso is on the path of growth, fellas, and we are so in for the journey!

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