Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham On How Her Rebecca Has Changed Since Season 1

Rebecca wants to be the “best version of herself”

When Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso debuted last year, its titular character had very little support and a lot of open as well as subtly hidden antagonistic behavior aimed at him. His biggest enemy was Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) who is the owner of the football team, AFC Richmond. As she had landed the team as part of a divorce settlement with her husband, Rupert, her secret plan was to make sure that AFC Richmond lost to get back at her former hubby and she used every trick in her arsenal to ensure their defeat. But like his legion of real-world fans, Ted Lasso managed to win over Rebecca such that in Season 2, she is one of his close friends and confidante. 

Season 2 of Ted Lasso begins with Rebecca who is over her failed marriage, especially the bitterness that she had embraced after separating from her cheating husband. We get to see a softer, kinder side of the character who is extremely devoted to the well-being of her team, is free of her past moodiness, and is open to exploring new relationships, especially with her god-daughter, Nora (Season 2, Episode 3). Such a 360 degree turn for a character, right? Only Hannah Waddingham could have made this sometimes-sudden-sometimes-gradual transition seem believable. 

In a recent chat with A.V. Club, Hannah Waddingham spoke at length about exploring a different side of Rebecca after spending the entire first season of Ted Lasso as a manipulative and vindictive individual. 

“It was wonderful in one way because, for me, the same as anybody else, what we’ve all been through with lockdowns in our respective countries, I was so ready for that focus. I needed to get back into Rebecca’s spirit and feel her rippling through my blood stream again. I was champing at the bit to get back behind my desk. When scenes weren’t behind Rebecca’s desk, I wanted them to be so I can find her again. In season two, I found it quite odd not to have constant attrition, the constant layers of lies, the constant nervous energy she had. Once I got into all the stuff with Nora in particular, that beautiful scene where Nora says “I want to be like you. I saw you in the suit in the front cover of that magazine,” it just absolutely killed me. I thought this is a whole new Rebecca, and I get to show her vulnerability in a different way,” Hannah Waddingham explained the gradual changes in her character in Ted Lasso Season 2.

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The most important aspect of Rebecca’s transformation in Ted Lasso Season 2, as highlighted by Hannah Waddingham herself, is her budding relationship with Nora as she has “missed the boat at the chance of being a mother naturally.” 

“I think she desperately wants to make amends but because she is a brusque, black-and-white person—she has pretty much put a Post-it note on her computer that says “Must make amends with Nora.” She hasn’t really thought it through. I love when Sassy (Ellie Taylor) rolls in and goes “I’m going to leave with Nora with you for the whole weekend,” I love the fact you see Rebecca go “Oh my god!” She wants to be the best version of herself for this young child she knows she’s deserted. I love the fact that you see Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) saying “Chill your beans, just be you, she’ll love being with you,” she added. 

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