The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Just Gave Us A Happy Ending, Is Marvel Okay?

You go, Captain America!

Though now it has been more than a year since Avengers: Endgame came out and we bawled like babies when Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America bid us farewell, the memories are still fresh and so is the fact that Marvel is incapable of giving well-rounded happy endings. Yeah, the hero wins at the end but they are also aware of their losses and the looming threats. But when it comes to the finale of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, to MCU fans’ utter disbelief, the stellar show does end on a positive note, where everyone is happy. Seriously, we are concerned about Marvel Studios’ state of mind, are they okay because they let a happy ending happen!

[Warning: Mild spoiler ahead from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale]

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier started on a very somber note- Steve Rogers was gone, Sam was left with the burden of adjusting to a world that had moved in the five years he was absent, his family’s financial status was in no way improved by the fact that he was an Avenger, Bucky was fighting his own demons and trying to right wrongs that were decades old, The government had its own fair share of issues, what with the appearance of the Flag Smashers and the re-appearance of the millions that had vanished in the Blip, thus causing a major financial slide and leaving countless homeless. 

The drama escalated exponentially when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ushered in John Walker as the “new” Captain America who then proceeded to take the super-soldier serum illegally and totally went off the rail. On the other hand, the rest of the problems kept existing in the background and continued escalating. 

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So, when rumors of a Season 2 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier started doing the rounds and given MCU’s history, we were sure that a lot of the things would be left unresolved and a happy ending was surely not on the horizon. And thus when the last episode of the Disney+ series went ahead and gave an ending that gave a conclusion to every issue it had raised, it was hard to not give an imaginary thump of approval to the Marvel Studios. 

If you are reading this review, then you are someone who is Internet savvy enough to have already seen Sam in the new Captain America suit long before the finale released, so join us as we freak out over how comic book accurate and badass the costume is!

As we were talking about resolving issues, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has given Bucky what he needed the most- closure, Sam is now over his own self-made doubts and has embraced his true destiny (Steve Rogers would be so proud *sob*), the Flag Smashers have met their fate, and even a seemingly unredeemable character like John Walker has a future now. Every character that was brought in, no matter how small their role was, has a proper storyline, like Isaiah Bradley and Sharon Carter (SPOILER: OMG about her arc though!)

And displaying the mark of true storytelling even though The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended on a well-rounded conclusion, it left enough hoops open that can be explored further in the MCU films or if we are lucky, Season 2 of the Disney+ series!

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