The Family Man: An Amazon Prime Original Show That Has Divided The Indian Audience Like Never Before!

“Privacy like democracy is a myth!”

“Privacy like democracy is a myth!”

When a show has a strong subject and an even stronger writing, we know that it cannot be ignored. Such is the case with ‘The Family Man,’ a show that very recently went live on Amazon Prime Videos. Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Sharib Hashmi as the leading men, the show highlights some underlying and almost hidden facts and issues about terrorism. 

Dual life of an ordinary family man! 

We all grew up hearing stories of spies and wonder what real life spies actually look like. The show attempts at giving the audience an answer to the same. 

Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of a middle-class regular man who is living two lives: one where he is a family man and the other where he is fighting against terrorism for the nation. This gives the viewers an adrenaline rush, always forced to think, what next?

What is dividing the audience while watching the show? 

When a content piece touches on sensitive topics like terrorism and plays around with the idea of thinking what goes into the making of a terrorist, you already know that it is going to illicit some strong responses. 

The Family Man is a story of a soldier and spy but it is being infamously labeled as a propaganda show, made to justify terrorism and the violent activities that happen in Kashmir. The show seems to humanize these terrorists, something that did not go down well with a lot of viewers. 

Another member of the unforgettable Indian online TV show? 

We have all seen how rapidly online streaming platforms are growing and how digital content is shaping the future. ‘Sacred Games’ is a breathing example of how a show can have a fandom that is bigger than anything the country has ever seen. That show too had its own issues but the loyal fan base never left its side. 

So, now the question is: Can this show harbor an audience that fights for it, defends it and loves it? Can it make it into the Emmys next year? 

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