The Flight Attendant Review: A Murder Mystery That’ll Keep Your Mind Spinning

We are in awe!

You know how you have the thought after seeing an actor play a similar or same role for a long period of time, that they can’t ever look good outside their tried and tested comfort zone? One such actress is Kaley Cuoco who has always been Penny to us, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper’s badass yet perky neighbour. That’s why, ever since the trailer of her latest miniseries, The Flight Attendant, which is a murder mystery thriller, viewers had been cautious about expecting too much from the actress in a role that’s poles apart from being Penny but watching it now on HBO Max, forgive us for evoking Friends’ Janice here but OH MY GOD!

To see her being silly on purpose and making the world life with her comedic chops for 12 years is a very long time. We get used to such characters, by default believing that it’s their real persona. And more often than not, the actor prove us right by being the wrong choice for a different kind of role that demands versatility. 

But watching Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant, it is both hard and rather easy to connect her to her former avatar ‘cause when it comes to the humorous shades of her character Cassandra, she is on point as always and when it comes to the darker, shady parts, she is unbelievable. We can’t believe that a better part of our life was spent thinking that Kaley Cuoco is only made for comedy– boy, she can set hearts aflutter and no, that doesn’t need her killer looks as her impressive acting prowess do the job.

If this review is increasingly sounding like a rather long love letter to Cuoco then you are right, it is. Fans of the actress will pride themselves on being her ardent followers as the actress flits through the different hues of her character and expertly steers the chaotic premise. While the story of The Flight Attendant, on paper, is one that has been done a dozen times– based on Chris Bohjalian’s 2018 novel of the same name, the HBO Max adaptation is the story of an air hostess Cassandra/Cassie Bowden who is a first class flight attendant.

Her life takes a 360 degree when after a crazy one-night stand, she wakes up next to a dead man, with his neck slashed. Dazed and unable to remember anything, she mistakenly implicates herself by cleaning up the room in fear. But even if she hadn’t, she can’t walk away as if nothing happened as the very dead man on the bed was the guy she heavily flirted with on the plane in front of all the passengers and her coworkers. So, yeah a lot of witnesses. 

So, now she has suspicious FBI agent, a weird woman tailing her with an agenda of her own, and Cassie’s own crumbling psyche. She is aided by the hallucination of her dead lover who aids her in piecing together what happened that night, which slowly creates a bigger picture and hints at a more sinister truth than a drunk girl with a dead body. 

Every twist in The Flight Attendant keeps you on your toes as it’s not a redundant repeat of cliched tropes. There is not a single moment of respite as this Steve Yokey directed series will keep you guessing until the last moment and with Kaley Cuoco’s Cassie losing control on her reality there is nothing to stop you from getting sucked in this maddeningly engaging thriller with the promise of even better episodes that are unfortunately slotted to release weekly. But it’s so worth the wait. Infinity star rating for this new avatar of Kaley Cuoco with the hope that she continues to be this insane level of amazing!

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