The Mandalorian Season 2 Review: A Confident Continuation That Never Fails To Amaze

It’s practically bubbling with Easter Eggs!

When The Mandalorian hit Disney+ last year, many didn’t have much from series that hails from a franchise that appeared to be stuck in its old ways, unable to churn anything fresh and happy with its existing span of fans whose loyalty was courtesy of the first projects in the franchise. But not only did The Mandalorian ended up being Disney+’s trump card, but it also is a saving grace for the entire Star Wars franchise. And it continues to amaze with the premiere of its Season 2. 

The thing that makes The Mandalorian work is the fact that while balancing a simple story of a bounty hunter risking his life to return a child to his people, it also perfectly presents how those who are not the centre of attention in the Star Wars universe survive. The ones living in the Outer rim have to make ends meet, doing what is necessary to after the apparent fall of the Empire doesn’t bring them much peace. 

So, yeah, the presence of the adorable Baby Yoda did whip up a storm and was one of the major reasons that The Mandalorian was (and remains) a major rage, it sails because of its grey-shaded protagonist (Pedro Pascal) who is yet to stop down and question why he is facing the dangers every day for someone he didn’t even know. He is morally questionable but he is devoted to a cause that has only spelt doom for him and his kind, yet he continues on, goes down only to get up again, triggering a faith in his cause that is what drives the central theme of the series.

Last we saw Din Djarin, he was bidding farewell to Greef Kraga and Dune after successfully annihilating the Empire’s troupers and seemingly killing Moff Gideon before embarking on his mission to return The Child a.k.a. Baby Yoda to his planet. But he has no idea which planet he should make a beeline for and thus in The Mandalorian Season 2, he is instead looking for the remaining Mandalorians, the one who survived the massacre of Season 1, to help him in his quest. After he dispatches a dozen henchmen who look like the Gamorrean guards from the Return Of The Jedi, his journey lands him at the far off planet of Tattooine as he heard rumours that a Mandalorian was working there as the town Marshal. 

But while the Marshal wears a very familiar armour, he is not a Mandalorian but well… another blast from the past just like his armour. Sharing anything else would just spoil the massive treat The Mandalorian Season 2’s first episode is. So, to sum it up, there is another wild, wild fight and the build-up of the promising future of the series inching towards embracing the huge universe it’s a part of, by cross-referencing the past in the most brilliant ways. 

But just like Sony Pictures, in its second attempt at reviving the Spiderman story on its own, tried too hard in The Amazing Spiderman 2 to create a platform for its ambitious plans of introducing the wide world of the multiverse and failed, The Mandolorian needs to remember its roots too which is, at its heart, a story of good vs evil. But if it does manage to call upon the countless canon theories, tie up loose ends, and give us Easter eggs that will keep us wondering even after the episode is over while managing to retain its usual awesomeness, then, by all means, go for it, Jon Favreau!

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