The Witcher Season 2 Review: Undoubtedly The Best Netflix Has Offered in 2021

We missed Geralt of Rivia!

In terms of original content, 2021 hasn’t exactly been the year for Netflix as many of its shows and films were either stale or subpar at best. While many performed commercially (Red Notice), the streamer failed to be a darling of critics, a perk it has been enjoying for years. With shows like Bridgerton Season 2 and Stranger Things Season 4 still being months away, our hopes rested on the Henry Cavill starrer The Witcher Season 2. And needless to say, it has exceeded all our expectations like Season 1 did, even though there were fewer laughs and we were biting our nails in anxiety throughout the eight episodes.

Yep, that would be our first warning. Yes, there are traces of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia’s dry humor but given the fact that The Witcher Season 2 is based on the second Witcher novel, Time of Contempt, the stakes are terrifying high. And perhaps the writers thought adding too many light moments, as they did in Season 1, would dampen the fear and anxiety in the air. But despite this very palpable absence, Geralt’s bloodlust and the thickening plot are enough to ensure that one is glued to the screen till they are through the eight episodes in one go. Trust us, we are speaking from experience as we binged the full season without any break (so practically yawning while typing because it’s 2 am here!)

The Witcher Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left us hanging- the Battle of Sodden where Yennefer seemingly sacrificed herself to win the fight against the Nilfgaardian soldiers and Geralt finally uniting with Ciri after running in circles around her throughout the season. After Tissaia is unable to feel Yennefer’s presence, she informs Geralt that his estranged love interest quite possibly perished when she unleashed the dark forces to beat the enemy. Broken-hearted and weary, Geralt self-assigns himself a new mission- protecting Ciri no matter the cost or consequences. He takes her Kaer Morhen, his home to nurse his wounded heart and seek solace amongst his brothers. 

While Ciri was majorly a victim throughout Season 1, The Witcher Season 2 sees her gearing up to prove herself instrumental in a fight and not be at the mercy of others for protection. New monsters are cropping up and no place is safe, not even Kaer Morhen. And the decades-old turning point in history, known as the Conjunction which merged the worlds of humans, monsters, and elves, is now sprouting off into more universe-altering events. 

And apart from the catastrophic developments, there is also a lot more going on whether it is related to Jaskier (yep, he is back!), Yennefer (though her arc slightly pales in comparison to Geralt and Ciri’s), the Elves (who are dead set on carving a new future), in Cintra, and the schemes of the Nilfgaardian Empire. So, yeah, forget bathroom breaks, you won’t even have space for blinking in The Witcher Season 2 because there are a lot of mysteries and they are all connected. 

While The Witcher maintains its momentum throughout the eight episodes of Season 2, it might get a little frustrating due to all the foundation building for the many upcoming spin-off shows under the franchise, which are all set in the Witcher universe. But again, the flaws are dwarfed by the sheer magnificence of the jaw-dropping storyline and of course, the amazing Henry Cavill.

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