The Woman In The House Review: Even Kristen Bell Can’t Save This Sinking Ship

On which planet is this a spoof?

To be honest, we have had our fill of mystery thrillers about that woman in the window, the house across the street, the girl on the train who witnesses a murder, the woman who falls for her handsome neighbor only to suspect him of killing his wife/girlfriend in the next second, etc. But when we sat down to binge Netflix’s parody of these very tropes in The Woman in the House Across The Street From The Girl in the Window (headlined by the astonishingly talented Kristen Bell), we made a stunning realization- that even a spoof of these tiring tropes is… well, awful, duh. 

Yep, in terms of description, the Kristen Bell starrer was supposed to be a parody of all the repetitive tropes mentioned above. The only time the limited Netflix manages to even remotely manage to be a mockery of these done-and-dusted arcs is through its absurdly long title, which for the sake of our sanity, we are not going to repeat. 

Yes, it does manage to loop in the majority of the nonsensical plotlines that are a part of such films and dramas, but it’s way too busy hitting two birds with one stone- being a spoof while spinning a mystery of its own with a bunch of weird twists. In fact, anyone who is not aware beforehand that the series is a spoof will be thrown off by Kristen Bell’s straight-faced portrayal of her character Anna Whitaker, laced in with some ill-timed laugh-out-loud moments. Till the very last seconds of the final episode, we kept waiting for a sudden twist that would make the four hours of our life worth it but it was all in vain.

What makes it more disappointing is the opening monologue by Kristen Bell in the first few minutes in Episode 1 as it actually promises a funny binging session to the viewers only to eventually make it clear that one is in for a rude awakening. But we will give to Bell for making even her poorly written character somewhat worth watching till the very end.

But the truth remains that while The Woman in the House makes sure to add every plot point that has been overused in such stories, it sullies its own efforts by dragging them through the mud and laying them on its already stretched storyline. And being forcibly drawn out over a course of eight numbingly dull episodes only leaves the story flopping around like a fish out of water. 

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