Tobias Menzies Who Was Paid Less Than Olivia Colman On The Crown Calls It Fair

We are ready with our popcorn for a binge night.

Unequal pay based on gender has been a long-standing battle in Hollywood for a while now.  

Recently, Tobias Menzies from the hit Netflix show, The Crown, spoke out about his pay on the show and his views on pay inequality in the industry. The Crown has been dragged into the gender pay-gap conversations when it was revealed that the previous lead of the show, Matt Smith, was paid more money than his award-winning co-star Claire Foy. 

A fair replacement to the throne 

Tobias Menzies who has replaced the Smith on the third season of the show addressed the issue as he called Smith being paid more than Foy ‘a hard pill to swallow’.  

The talented actor who has taken up the role of Prince Philip in the third season opposite Olivia Colman as the Queen is reportedly being paid less than Colman. Menzies commented on the topic stating that he understands why he is being paid less compared to Olivia. He agrees to the fact that the Queen’s role is way more pivotal to the show than Prince Philip’s and that Colman is a much more established actor than he is.  

A transparent price in the kingdom 

Tobias also advocates the idea of transparency in order to eradicate the problem of pay inequality from the industry and that men and women should be open about their wages.  

The ‘This Way Up’ star said in a recent interview that, “Greater transparency will lead to greater equality and that is absolutely the direction of travel that I think is necessary and good.” 

You go, Queen! 

The Netflix drama set in the Buckingham Palace in the ’60s might have been dragged in the mud for the unequal treatment of its actors but the showrunners are trying their best to amend their mistakes going forward.  

Suzanne Mackie, an executive producer of the show, expressed her regrets about the pay-gap situation in a press conference last year. She told the audience, “Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen.” 

The Crown season 3 starting November 17th will be available on Netflix and we are ready with our popcorn for a binge night.  

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