Uncovering The Real Truth Behind The Popularity Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

256 episodes spread over 18 seasons!

If you’ve re-watched Keeping Up With The Kardashian this quarantine season, then you’re not alone. One of the longest-running and most-watched shows in the history of mankind, it talks about the personal life of and gossip around the rich and famous Kardashian family.

How long has Keeping Up With The Kardashian been running for? 

The first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was aired in 2007. An entire generation of people in the West have grown up watching the household drama of the Kardashian family, being amazed by how happening and ‘lit’ their lives are.  

Even though Keeping Up With The Kardashian has already released 256 episodes spread over 18 seasons, the show’s grip over the audience has not seen a loose end. In fact, fans have been waiting for September 2020 for the 19th season of this series to premiere. What has worked for the Kardashian family is that the show is deeply inspired and based on their daily life and thus, the content always feels fresh and spicy. 

Wait, so everything, as shown in Keeping Up With The Kardashian, is real?

Well, mostly! 

Like all ‘reality shows,’ there’s a catch here too. Even though the Kardashian family has always tried to keep the storyline close to reality, some slip-ups have not gone unnoticed with the fans. For instance, one famous hook point of the whole series is when Khloe finds out she’s pregnant. As per the show, she finds this via a ‘pee on the stick’ test and breaks the news to Alexa, her digital assistant. She also mentions how she wants to keep this a secret from her family until the barbeque night. Fans speculate that this is a HIGHLY doubtful episode since Khloe Kardashian had already been pregnant for months when this episode was shot and hence, in all likelihood, she would know about the pregnancy beforehand. 

Apart from small incidents like these, it is popularly believed that the show has managed to keep its non-fictional front intact. Maybe that is what makes the show so loved: its honesty. 

We seldom get to know what happens in the personal quarters of these celebrities, but the Kardashians have made their life crystal clear for us to watch. They’ve bartered their privacy for a sea of bottomless love that keeps flowing and growing with time! Netflix has recently given space to this show on its platform and it has been trending in the top 10 list ever since. 

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