WandaVision Episode 8 Finally Reveals “Why Sitcoms” & The Reason Is Heartbreaking

We are not crying, you’re crying!

From the very beginning of Disney+’s WandaVision, the one question that has plagued every waking moment of MCU fans is “why on Earth is Wanda’s reality living in sitcoms and that too while changing decades?” Well, WandaVision Episode 8, “Previously On,” has finally revealed the sweet but heartbreaking reason why Wanda chose to lead her dream life through sitcoms. 

(The following article contains spoilers, proceed only if you have watched WandaVision Episode 8)

Agatha Harkness takes Wanda down memory lane

In Episode 7, we saw Agatha Harkness confronting Wanda and telling her how she has been pulling a few strings here in Westview. Her real motive was to make Wanda reveal how she possesses so much power to warp and rewrite reality itself. And as a distraught Wanda, who is unwilling to remember her past, Agatha uses her magic to access her memories. 

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The first memory of Wanda that we see in WandaVision episode 8 is her childhood with her family in Sokovia. Here, we learn that her father earned for the family by selling old reels of popular sitcoms. Wanda’s parents had incorporated watching sitcoms not only for them to learn English but also as a way to shield their children from the war ripping through their country.

For Wanda, the sitcoms weren’t merely TV shows, they were the reminder of a happier life she once had with her parents before it was cruelly snatched away. 

WandaVision Episode 8 shows how Wanda relied on sitcoms to divert her grief

We never saw Wanda grieve properly after her brother, Pietro’s death in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But WandaVision episode 8 shows how post his death, she went back to watching the sitcoms that promised her a safe sanctuary she lacked in the real world. But Vision soon became her shield, her protector, the love of her life, and the need for watching make-believe stories melted away. 

But after Vision was gone, there was no one to pull Wanda from the all-consuming grief and in the end, she unknowingly unleashed it, creating an illusion of Vision in the process. As sitcoms were her safe space, she relegated to their construct to create her happy world. As the prospect of a happy life was something that she never got to live, she took pieces from sitcoms like Dick Van Dyke, Malcolm in the Middle, Bewitched, Happy Endings, etc to establish her dream world.

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