WandaVision Finale: Fake Pietro Gets A Rather Disappointing Identity Revelation

Why Marvel Studios, why?

Even though we were very much eager to witness Agatha Harkness’ endgame and how Wanda defeats her, we were more hyped out about the revelation of the true identity of fake Pietro in the WandaVision finale episode. Fans had been betting on him being X-Men’s Quicksilver while some were sure that he was the real villain in disguise. But the answer the WandaVision finale provided was rather disappointing, to say the least.

(The article contains spoilers from WandaVision finale episode)

The WandaVision finale episode began with Wanda and Agatha, as well as Vision and White Vision facing off. Wanda tries to do the right thing and remove the Hex from Westview only to realize that she would be losing Vision and the kids along with it. All the while Agatha taunted her how Wanda is really the mythical Scarlet Witch and destined to destroy the world. 

We discover where Monica has been all this time

We last saw Monica in WandaVision Episode 7, spying on Agnes’ house and then being caught in the act by the fake Pietro. In the finale, we see that he overpowered Monica and took her inside Agnes’ house, to keep her away from interfering in the fight happening outside. 

The WandaVision finale reveals Fietro’s real identity and it is…well, meh

In Agnes’ house, Monica discovers that it was actually fake Pietro’s house and his real name is Ralph Boehner, which is then converted into a dirty joke, leaving many fans (us included) seriously disappointed in Marvel Studios. 

Imagine that the mammoth production house went to the trouble of casting Evan Peters as fake Pietro to generate confusion as to whether he is the X-Men’s Quicksilver and gave him powers that mimic his alternate universe alter ego’s abilities. And they all this to get a joke at the end and to keep viewers not just guessing but hoping that fake Pietro is the real deal, only to be majorly let down with the disappointing revelation. 

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Fake Pietro is simply a Westview resident and the very Ralph, Agnes a.k.a. Agatha Harkness kept talking about throughout WandaVision. As for his powers, Agatha put an enchanted necklace around his neck which gave him the powers of Pietro. While Marvel Studios might be giving themselves a pat in the back, viewers are seriously divided on this big revelation and mostly pissed at how Marvel Studios had a string of fakeouts in the show but none of them were as infuriating as the fake Pietro reveal. 

Here is to hoping that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has not been prepped to repeat WandaVision’s history and actually delivers what it promises. 

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