WandaVision Theory: It Will Be Evan Peters’ Quicksilver Who Will Return As Wanda’s Brother

So, what about Pietro?

The last time we saw Wanda Maximoff’s brother, Peter, it was in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he died saving Hawkeye and a little girl. But apart from Wanda unleashing her wrath on the robots towards the end, Peter Maximoff, more or less, disappeared from the MCU and was barely mentioned. Turns out that Marvel was setting the stage for the character’s return in the most unexpected ways.

(The article contains spoilers from WandaVision Episode 3, “Not in Color”)

While the entire episode of WandaVision is worthy of an intense conversation, the part that concerns us is the last few minutes of the episode where Wanda, after giving to her twins, Billy and Tommy, is lovingly looking at them and for once, seems to have shed her sitcom-style character. She sadly remembers that she too is a twin, that she had a brother, Pietro, who was killed by Ultron years ago, before she proceeds to sing to her children a Sokovian lullaby.

But next to her, “Geraldine,” who is really Monica Rambeau, seems to snap out of a stupor when she hears Pietro’s name and unwittingly remarks how Pietro was killed by Ultron. A shocked Wanda turns to her, now dropping every last pretence of the made-up sitcom world and asks in a low voice (that suddenly has a Sokovian accent) who Geraldine really is, before literally chucking her out of her makeshift reality into the real world outside. 

But why will Peter/Pietro come to Wanda/Vision?

The rumour that Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in Fox’s X-Men films, has been approached to reprise his character in WandaVision triggered fresh debates when Rodri Martin,  the Spanish voice actor for Evan’s character in the earlier films featuring the Marvel Comics superhero, tweeted about getting the privilege of voicing Peter Maximoff again. Though the tweet was quickly deleted, the rabbit was out of the hat– Evan Peters is joining the MCU as Peter Maximoff, the American version of Quicksilver. 

But what happened to Aaron Taylor-Johnson who was Pietro in Age of Ultron?

Well, this warrants some guesswork. The MCU version of Scarlet Witch can warp reality, move objects, and will ultimately rip the multiverse wide open, but we are pretty sure that she can’t bring people from the dead. Even the Vision she has conjured up seems to be an illusion and if he is really back, it’s because of the connection he shared with Wanda because of the Mind Stone. 

Going by that rule, it would be impossible for Wanda to bring Aaron’s Pietro back as he is really dead. But because she is so hellbent on getting the life that she was always denied, she may unknowingly spill open the multiverse and get Evan Peters’ Quicksilver instead. This might even be the kickstarter of the Multiverse of Madness in the next Doctor Strange film. But one thing is for certain, the mention of Pietro’s violent death is going to have some drastic consequences for the people both in and outside Westview.

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