WandaVision Trailer Hints Scarlet Witch Is The Next Threat The MCU Heroes May Face

Did she bring back the Mind Stone too?

After delays and speculations of being carted off to 2021, the trailer of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision was finally released yesterday. It confirmed that even if we are not getting the promised slate of movies and shows in MCU Phase 4 this year, we are not expected to spend it completely disappointed because Wanda Maximoff is all set to bend-reality in ways it has never been warped and most probably ready to fulfil the destiny her comic counterpart went on to attain– villain-turned-hero and then into a villain again. 

In the past films, MCU hasn’t fully explored Scarlet Witch’s powers, though we did get a glimpse of the heights it is capable of achieving when she single-handedly overpowered Thanos, driven by her grief over Vision’s death. 

The trailer is a massive peek in itself as we are introduced to Wanda Maximoff’s reality and no, it’s no alternate universe– she appears to have created her bubble of reality within the real world. In her happy imagination, she jumps from classic sitcom-like life to another, first it is a black and white aesthetic which warps into the Hollywood grandeur of the 80s. But all the while, the outside world is striving to break this anomaly, as seen when Monica Rambeau is cast out from the make-believe reality, most probably by Wanda. She lands in a field where armed military men and helicopters who are quite possibly monitoring the fake bubble Wanda has created and perhaps were the one who sent Monica in. 

But this reality is not the creation of a sane mind. At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Vision was killed when Thanos removed the Mind Stone from him and still unable to get over her grief,  Wanda created a reality where Vision exists. And this brings us to our next question– how is Vision and the Mind Stone back, which Thanos destroyed in Avengers: Endgame

While it may appear that the Vision in WandaVision is just a figment of her crumbling control over her mind but in one scene, he can be seen flying above the city, functioning outside Wanda’s bubble in full costume and intact with the Mind Stone. Thanos had only “reduced the stones to the atomic level,” as explained by the Russo brothers in 2019, adding that “the stones are still present in the universe.” As this Vision appears far more real to be just a figment of Wanda’s imagination it means that she somehow reconstructed the Mind Stone. 

The trailer of WandaVision proves that Wanda’s powers have grown beyond mere telekinesis, she is changing, correction bending reality now, which makes her more powerful than the Mad Titan. If she continues to be unstable while her powers grow, she could even tear reality apart, which would not only neatly tie WandaVision to the upcoming Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, but also give MCU Phase 4 one of its big villains– Wanda a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch.

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