‘The Housewife And The Hustler’ Highlights Erika Jayne And Tom Girardi’s Legal Troubles

Check out the biggest highlights of the hour-long documentary.

The ABC News Originals documentary about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne, and her estranged husband, Tom Girardi dropped on Hulu, on Monday. The special puts under the microscope Tom’s career and life with Erika, whom he wed in 1999. 

‘The Housewife And The Hustler’ brings to the audience various legal experts and those accusing Tom of embezzlement and questionable legal practices discuss the scandals surrounding the former couple, all of which came to light following Erika’s divorce filing last year. 

The Hulu streaming also features voicemail messages, court records, and a never-before-aired deposition tape of Tom, 82.

Check out the biggest highlights of the hour-long documentary.

One of the facts covered in the documentary is the extravagant life led by the couple who spent money that wasn’t theirs.

Erika Jayne’s rags-to-riches story about going from a dancer at a New Jersey strip club to marrying a much-older multimillionaire lawyer in Los Angeles is intriguing. This directly leads the docu to examines the alleged misdeeds of Tom Girardi.

The documentary shows Tom as a well-known attorney in the legal community for his connections and the ability to win multi-million dollar settlements. 

Commenting on this, Kelly Carter from The Undefeated said, “It made me think that I probably should have gone to law school. I didn’t know that you could attain that much wealth by being a trial attorney.”

When Erika joined RHOBH in 2015, it left everyone and especially people in the Los Angeles legal community surprised by how the two were open about their wealth and spending habits.

The docu then moves to discuss the allegations against Tom Girardi and the implosion of his law firm Girardi Keese from the victims. 

Among the several stories of individuals who claim they were wronged by Tom, Joe Ruigomez, gave a detailed account of how Tom swindled him and his family of their settlement money.

“We thought he could win [the case for us],” said Joe’s sister, Jamie. “We didn’t know how much of a snake he would be along the way.”

The other big case examined in the special was the Edelson PC lawsuit against both Tom and Erika, which dropped a month after Erika filed for divorce. The Chicago law firm claimed the couple used the funds from Lion Air Flight 610 crash victims to fund their “lavish” lifestyle. The suit also alleges Erika filed for divorce to help him hide his assets.

One of the biggest moments in the documentary is a clip from Tom’s deposition tape for the Ruigomez case recorded on Sep. 23, 2020, in which he said he was broke.

“At one point I had about $80 million or $50 million in cash,” Tom said. “That’s all gone. I don’t have any money.”

“Tom and Erika, they’re stuck together in these bankruptcy proceedings. A lot of these debts, that they owe in bankruptcy proceedings, [they] owe together, possibly,”said Brandon Lowrey, a reporter at Law360. “It’s going to be hard for her to say to she didn’t know that anything was going on.”

Jayne filed for divorce in November 2020 after two decades of marriage and before Tom Girardi’s legal problems became public knowledge.

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